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#043: 06/01/2023

RYSE UPDATE! The Next Big Smart Home and Office Innovation That Could Easily Surpass Ring and Nest!

The Next Big Thing Is Now Upon Us! Get in on the Ground Floor of RYSE with its Pre-IPO Reg A+ Offering... Before Amazon or Google Decide to Buy This Company, Outright! ~more~

#042: 05/10/2023

The Final Debt Ceiling Crises?

Democratic members of Congress and legal scholars call on President Biden to invoke the 14th Amendment to prevent the United States from defaulting on its debt. Our prediction may be the only solution. ~more~

#041: 09/15/2022

By 2025, the Global Cannabis Industry is Expected to Reach $56 Billion

This incredible medical cannabis startup promises to assist those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by researching, developing, and producing targeted cannabinoid health products for General Depression, Anxiety and PTSD ~more~

#040: 09/13/2022

California Just Laid Down the EV Gauntlet

Beginning in 2035, no new gas-powered vehicles will be sold in the state! ~more~

#039: 08/16/2022

Introducing Republic Deal Room

A Private Investment Network - Unlocking Deals for Accredited Investors ~more~

#038: 05/27/2022

Broadcom to Acquire VMware in $61 Billion Enterprise Computing Deal

"Go-Shop" Time is Built into the Agreement. Let's see if IBM and Intel are willing to make an offer! ~more~

#037: 02/17/2022

Pioneer Natural Resources Beats Expected Earnings - Declares a Dividend

If Russia invades Ukraine, oil will top its historic record market price. ~more~

#036: 11/22/2021

Jerome Powell's Reappointment as Fed Chief Bullish for Stocks

President Joe Biden’s renomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for a second term and nomination for Lael Brainard as Vice Chairwoman should be welcome news for stock market bulls. ~more~

#035: 11/16/2021

DarioHealth Reports Spectacular 3rd Quarter Results

Growth and Operational Highlights - New Recommendation ~more~

#034: 11/08/2021

New Recommendation

Our Recommendation of VMW Looks Like a Turkey Right Now, BUT it isn't. It's Going to Turn Into a High Flying Majestic Eagle. ~more~

#033: 11/08/2021

SPECIAL UPDATE - Christmas Subscription Renewal/Extension Offer!

Renew/Extend Your Subscription - We’ll Send You a Choice Uncirculated 1976-D TYPE 2 Eisenhower Dollar NGC Graded MS65! ~more~

#032: 10/22/2021

Subscribers - We Are Taking in Another $1435 in Profits Today

Stay Alert: We fully intend to sell options against both stock positions again next week. ~more~

#031: 10/19/2021

Zacks Equity Research Recommends...

We believe GTBP is on the brink of developing a ground-breaking new approach and platform for treating and curing a wide range of cancers. ~more~

#030: 10/15/2021

More Profits Realized: $1,891 on Covered Call Options Trades

For Those of You Who Followed These Trades, You Get to Keep the Underlying Shares ~more~

#029: 10/14/2021

One of Our Recommendations Has Just Announced a Transformative Agreement!

Today, DarioHealth announced the agreement had been signed with one of the largest national health plans. ~more~

#028: 09/28/2021

U.S. Stock Market Starts To Get Roiled By Debt Ceiling and Budget Impasse

Government Shutdown Possible Thursday at Midnight ~more~

#027: 07/26/2021

The Delta Variant Could Derail the U.S. Stock Market

Here is an update regarding your current option sell positions and an explanation of why our trading posture points in the direction of concern. ~more~

#026: 07/20/2021

Nivida Stock Splits 4 for 1

If you followed the recommendation, you now have 800 shares ~more~

#025: 06/16/2021

Don't Miss This GT Biopharma Webcast!

GT Biopharma Corporate Update Presentation at Raymond James Human Health Innovation Conference for all subscribers that followed our recommendation. ~more~

#024: 07/28/2020

Our Pfizer Recommendation is Up Sharply

Sit tight and look to take profits if it runs to $50 a share! ~more~

#023: 06/05/2020

The 2.5 Million Job Increase Reported is a Lie!

In the fine print of the same report by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the summary report shows the real number of job losses through the May reporting period - is really a job loss of 4.9 million jobs. ~more~

#022: 05/09/2020

The Coronavirus is NOT Going to Miraculously Disappear. The Economic Prognosis is Chilling.

Many labor experts believe the last decade of job growth has already been amputated from the economy. ~more~

#021: 04/22/2020

Biogen Beats Earnings Estimates

But Announces Delay for Alzheimer’s Drug and Shares Down Sharply. ~more~

#020: 04/10/2020

The Rally We Have Seen the Past Few Days is Irrational

Pfizer Has Coronavirus Drug that’s Showing Promise: According to its Chief Scientific Officer. ~more~

#019: 04/07/2020

Don't be fooled by these two big two-day rallies.

It’s the downside you still need to be looking to profit on. ~more~

#018: 03/15/2020

Don't be taken in by the big rally that took place on Wall Street Friday!

The truth is we’re still not over the worse of this pandemic in the United States. We’re not even over the very beginning of this pandemic ~more~

#017: 03/13/2020

Sorry, We Believe the Worst is Yet to Come

From Wall Street to Main Street, it’s Going to Get A lot Uglier! ~more~

#016: 02/26/2020

Our Recommendation to Buy AMAT at $59 was Triggered before Yesterday's Close

Prepare for another TVIX trade recommendation ~more~

#015: 02/25/2020

Updates on Our Recommendations Yesterday, Position Closed, and Positions Opened

Our thoughts on the market; and what lies ahead. ~more~

#014: 02/13/2020

We're Not Wrong!

The danger from the Wuhan Coronavirus is growing and the world is facing a nightmarish pandemic that will infect millions and possibly kill hundreds of thousands in China and around the world. ~more~

#013: 11/14/2019

A Full Fledge Chinese Crackdown on Hong Kong Endangers China's Publicly Listed Stock Valuations!

We’re increasingly concerned that our favorite Chinese stocks could suffer a sudden 10%, even 15% pullback if Beijing decides to send in the tens of thousands of its People's Liberation Army to quell the increasingly violent protests taking place in Hong Kong. ~more~

#011: 04/12/2019

2-Year Yield and Fed Funds Finally in Balance Setting Up A Goldilocks Nirvanna

Special Update from one of my favorite technical analysts Tom McClellan give cause for a goldilocks U.S. market when most analysts are very worried ... ~more~

#010: 01/07/2019

Saudi Arabia Intends To Cut Oil Production More Dramatically Than Previously Announced

Our recommendation to take advantage of a run back to $70 - $80 a barrel is starting to take off. ~more~

#009: 10/26/2018

Wall Street Swinging Wildly

What’s Our Next Big Move? ~more~

#008: 06/24/2018

A Whopping 519% Profit!

This recommendation racked up a profit of as much as $3,690 on approximately a $710 investment - on just half the shares we recommended. How could anything be more delicious! ~more~

#008: 06/21/2018

This Recommendation Has Already Jumped 77% - In Less Than 6 months!

This company's share double and redouble - a few times. Here’s what we recommend doing with your 400 shares or what to do if you don't own shares yet. ~more~

#007: 09/16/2017

You Should Have Made Another $2,600 On My Latest BlueBird Bio. Recommendation!

Here's what to do to make more money. Updates on RDUS and YY. ~more~

#006: 07/23/2017

We just took a 28% profit in 60 Days, lets do it again!

This Biotech could dip to just $91 or even to $84 after vaulting over $120.Here is how I recommend you handle both a modest pull back and a Trump Scandal Panic that could happen any day. ~more~

#005: 06/24/2017

Radius Health (RDUS) is starting what appears to make a big move!

Keep an eye on your 300 shares of RDUS. I may be recommending to take profits or more likley to sell some covered call options against your shares... in a matter of weeks or even days. ~more~

#004: 05/21/2017

Pure Naturals Surges (PNAT) After Dipping Below Recommended Re-entry Price.

Here's what I want recommend next. ~more~

#003: 05/14/2017

Pure Nationals (PNAT-OTC) Back in this company's shares

I believe PNAT could rocket back to $3+ a share and eventually to over $12. Keep in mind this is a flyer stock that is higher risk than many other stocks I have and will recommend in World Opportunity Trader. Read my disclosure regarding PNAT in my welcome letter. ~more~

#002: 04/30/2017

Updates on Recommendations plus New Recommendations and Re-Recommendations

My World Opportunity Investor recommendations are starting to become very profitable even though it's been less than four months since I launched this online investment newsletter. I expect much bigger profits by the end of 2017. ~more~

#001: 01/16/2017

Pure Naturals (PNAT)

Don’t get crazy and chase the stock. Stocks are like trains coming through a station. There's always another one coming. Heed, my directions as to keeping your exposure to high risk stocks limited. ~more~