World Opportunity Investor
James DiGeorgia Michael London


#013: 11/14/2019

A Full Fledge Chinese Crackdown on Hong Kong Endangers China's Publicly Listed Stock Valuations!

We’re increasingly concerned that our favorite Chinese stocks could suffer a sudden 10%, even 15% pullback if Beijing decides to send in the tens of thousands of its People's Liberation Army to quell the increasingly violent protests taking place in Hong Kong. ~more~

#011: 04/12/2019

2-Year Yield and Fed Funds Finally in Balance Setting Up A Goldilocks Nirvanna

Special Update from one of my favorite technical analysts Tom McClellan give cause for a goldilocks U.S. market when most analysts are very worried ... ~more~

#010: 01/07/2019

Saudi Arabia Intends To Cut Oil Production More Dramatically Than Previously Announced

Our recommendation to take advantage of a run back to $70 - $80 a barrel is starting to take off. ~more~

#009: 10/26/2018

Wall Street Swinging Wildly

What’s Our Next Big Move? ~more~

#008: 06/24/2018

A Whopping 519% Profit!

This recommendation racked up a profit of as much as $3,690 on approximately a $710 investment - on just half the shares we recommended. How could anything be more delicious! ~more~

#008: 06/21/2018

This Recommendation Has Already Jumped 77% - In Less Than 6 months!

This company's share double and redouble - a few times. Here’s what we recommend doing with your 400 shares or what to do if you don't own shares yet. ~more~

#007: 09/16/2017

You Should Have Made Another $2,600 On My Latest BlueBird Bio. Recommendation!

Here's what to do to make more money. Updates on RDUS and YY. ~more~

#006: 07/23/2017

We just took a 28% profit in 60 Days, lets do it again!

This Biotech could dip to just $91 or even to $84 after vaulting over $120.Here is how I recommend you handle both a modest pull back and a Trump Scandal Panic that could happen any day. ~more~

#005: 06/24/2017

Radius Health (RDUS) is starting what appears to make a big move!

Keep an eye on your 300 shares of RDUS. I may be recommending to take profits or more likley to sell some covered call options against your shares... in a matter of weeks or even days. ~more~

#004: 05/21/2017

Pure Naturals Surges (PNAT) After Dipping Below Recommended Re-entry Price.

Here's what I want recommend next. ~more~

#003: 05/14/2017

Pure Nationals (PNAT-OTC) Back in this company's shares

I believe PNAT could rocket back to $3+ a share and eventually to over $12. Keep in mind this is a flyer stock that is higher risk than many other stocks I have and will recommend in World Opportunity Trader. Read my disclosure regarding PNAT in my welcome letter. ~more~

#002: 04/30/2017

Updates on Recommendations plus New Recommendations and Re-Recommendations

My World Opportunity Investor recommendations are starting to become very profitable even though it's been less than four months since I launched this online investment newsletter. I expect much bigger profits by the end of 2017. ~more~

#001: 01/16/2017

Pure Naturals (PNAT)

Don’t get crazy and chase the stock. Stocks are like trains coming through a station. There's always another one coming. Heed, my directions as to keeping your exposure to high risk stocks limited. ~more~