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#082: 07/31/2023

We Believe this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company Will Soar 500% in the Next 18-36 Months!

Is Vladimir Putin fully aware of the significant geopolitical influence wielded by African nations within the United Nations, particularly in relation to their voting power and its potential impact on the eventual peace process in Ukraine? ~more~

#081: 07/24/2023

Our NVIDIA Recommendations Yield Staggering $51,701 in Profits

Profits and Recommendations are Growing!. Ensure that your World Opportunity Investor subscription remains current in order to stay informed. ~more~

#080: 05/31/2023

Does Nvidia Take the Money... Or Wait to For Even Bigger Move Higher?

What to do with the 300 Nvidia shares we recommended. ~more~

#079: 05/01/2023

We were stopped out on Lilly with a 37% profit of $11,065

The Approaching Debt Ceiling Crises May Come Down to Emergency Executive Action by President Biden ~more~

#078: 03/24/2023

Scientists Discover How to Create Wormholes to Travel Faster than Light Speed

In this issue, why is the impossible possible, and what key stocks to add to your portfolio to profit from the giant leaps ahead in technology? ~more~

#077: 03/08/2023

World Opportunity Investor Issue March 7, 2023

World Opportunity Investor 2023 Economic Outlook ~more~

#076: 01/17/2023

2023 Market Outlook

Our Economic Outlook for 2023 will be released at the end of the month. We've already studied and examined several 2023 economic forecasts from the greatest market strategists in the United States, many of whom expect a recession. ~more~

#075: 12/26/2022

What Every Investor Should Know Entering 2023

Long-term readers know that we like to examine the economy's fundamentals for growth, inflation, interest rates, etc. We may then explore the company's fundamentals and predict growth rates, margins, liquidity, profits, cash flow, and values... ~more~

#074: 12/22/2022

Oil Consumption Will Plummet

The world is heading into an economic recession as China's Omicron Covid-19 variant spreads like wildfire. Supply chains will be severely disrupted largely because China's leaders refuse to use the Covid-19 vaccines developed in the United States and most of the world. ~more~

#073: 11/08/2022

Mid Term 2022 Election

Economic Update Part II ~more~

#072: 10/31/2022

Take Another $62,000 in Profits on Our DWAC Short Position

DWAC is a dying company, BUT its shares could rally back over $25 a share if the Republicans win the House and Senate after the 2022 mid-term election ~more~

#071: 09/30/2022

The Risk of a 20% to 30% U.S. Stock Market Correction is Growing!

We recommend hedging your equity portfolio with a NEW ETF Trade ~more~

#070: 08/19/2022

2022 Mid-Year Economic Update Part I

Economic trends don't change that much, so we do my economic updates about once a quarter. Our economic updates typically focus on the U.S. and the consumer (the consumer is about 70% of U.S. GDP). Unfortunately, our economy is currently influenced by extraneous and global trends. ~more~

#069: 07/06/2022

The Best Time to Invest: A Bear Market Bottom/Basing Period

We are Now 7-8 Months to the Beginning of a New Bull Market. New SCO Recommendation. ~more~

#068: 06/15/2022

Stock Market Enters Bear Market!

How can we find hope amidst all this gloom? Once we find a bottom and prices start to base, there should be some great investment opportunities as there always is near the bottom of a bear market. Keep a tight eye on our recommendations. ~more~

#067: 05/09/2022

The Risk of $150 a Barrel Crude Oil is Real

What Are the Potential Solutions? ~more~

#066: 03/16/2022

How Much Oil Does the U.S. Have and How Long Will It Last?

A NEW OIL RECOMMENDATION - Should We "Drill Baby Drill" or Invest in Finding Energy Alternatives? ~more~

#065: 03/04/2022

On Razors Edge of World War III, Putin Commits Nuclear Terrorism!

U.S Stock Indexes Clocked Hard by Accelerating Events Despite Tremendous Job Growth ~more~

#064: 01/04/2022

World Opportunity Investor 2022 Market Outlook

Consider a new option position designed to leverage a jump in crude oil that could push over $100 a barrel. ~more~

#063: 12/08/2021

Will Inflation Rage and Derail the Stock Market?

Why Inflation and Interest Rates are Important to the Economy and Markets? ~more~

#062: 10/28/2021

Early November Issue Release

End of 2021 Market Outlook ~more~

#061: 10/01/2021

U.S. Economy is Slowing Down

Our worries about the US economy increase. The economy appears to be weakening after months of expansion. Despite millions of openings and a labor shortage, people are not returning to work. ~more~

#060: 08/26/2021

Beware of FANG Stocks!

The FANG trade is very crowded and expensive. The problems could include increased risk, liquidity if investors get out simultaneously, and reduced performance going forward. ~more~

#059: 07/06/2021

It's Time to Recognize We Are in a Long Term Bull Market

Three New Recommendations in this Issue ~more~

#058: 06/10/2021

Our 2nd Quarter Economic Update and New Recommendation

China Threatens Nuclear Confrontation While Russia is Waging a Covert Cyberwar against the United States ~more~

#057: 05/13/2021

Our May U.S. Economic Update

The Potential Spending $1 Trillion on Roads, Bridges, Airports and Other Infrastructure Projects and Positive Drill Results Could See our Stock Recommendation Go Through the Roof. ~more~

#056: 04/05/2021

Are We Looking at the Beginning of What Will Become Known as the Roaring 2020s

Our 2021 April Market Outlook ~more~

#055: 02/02/2021

China's Economy Will Become the Largest in the World in the Next 5 Years

Time to prepare your stock portfolio for the explosive economic growth China will enjoy! ~more~

#054: 01/28/2021

Our 2021 Stock Market Outlook

One of the main reasons why this market has been strong is because once prices break to new highs, most of the resistance and supply is gone, and it will be easy for prices to continue to make new highs. ~more~

#053: 01/08/2021

The U.S. Economy Remains in Great Danger!

The economy was clearly starting to recover, but the improvement is running into headwinds due to the 3rd wave of Covid-19 infections that started and could worsen as we enter the cold and flu season. ~more~

#052: 11/30/2020

U.S. Cities, States Facing Crippling COVID Financial Crisis

The last thing we need is for a vast number of state, city and local government employees to be laid off. Will the GOP-controlled Senate let the U.S. economy meltdown and how will this impact Wall Street? ~more~

#051: 10/28/2020

Unless a Vaccine is Developed We See Dangerous US and Global Consequences

As in most bear markets, stocks will go back to their old highs and many will go higher. This is the area of investments that we are interested in, especially if these stocks pay above-average dividends that grow. ~more~

#050: 09/24/2020

Trumponomics: The Truth

Updates on our recommendations and update on the market as we head to the November Election ~more~

#049: 08/26/2020

The US Stock Market Has No Relationship with Reality!

2020 August Market Update ~more~

#048: 07/21/2020

Another Stock Market Crash is Coming. The U.S. Government is Bungling the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Another Stock Market Crash is Coming. The U.S. Government is Bungling the COVID-19 Health Crisis. ~more~

#047: 06/16/2020

The Federal Reserve Has Artificially Pumped the U.S. Stock Market to Dangerous Levels

The Fundamentals of the U.S. and Global Economy Will Eventually Win Out, and We’ll See the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ Fall back to or Below the March 23rd Lows ~more~

#046: 05/06/2020

We Believe the U.S. Economy is on the Verge of a Depression. As Bad or Worse than Suffered During the 1930s

We'll take a look at both the bullish and bearish case for the U.S. Stocks we see ahead. ~more~

#045: 04/07/2020

Antibodies Key to the Timeline of Economic and Health Crisis

The timeline for the development of coronavirus antibodies will dictate how bad this market gets. ~more~

#044: 03/05/2020

The Current Economic Outlook: Tied to Whether President Trump is Telling the Truth

His Record for Telling the Truth Remains, Unfortunately -- Dismal ~more~

#043: 02/04/2020

World Opportunity Investor 2020 Market Outlook

Our 2020 outlook includes bullish and bearish case for the markets; valuations, price targets; technicals and price analysis; and the psychology, sentiment and focus of the markets; summary and conclusion. ~more~

#042: 01/03/2020

Our 2020 Economic Outlook

Take your profits on our recommended gold 3X ETF position. ~more~

#041: 11/26/2019

This Overvalued Market Just Broke Out to New Highs!

With a whopping $3.4 Trillion still sitting on the sidelines in cash are we headed for a spectacular new leg up, or towards a ‘black swan’ nose dive? ~more~

#040: 11/08/2019

Gene-Editing Company Focuses on Developing Gene-Based Medicines for Serious Diseases.

Thanks to accelerating medical technologies taking place in science and medical laboratories around the world, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this stock begin an amazing run! ~more~

#039: 10/01/2019

Will President Trump's Impeachment Turn Financial Markets Upside Down?

We are beginning this month’s issue with the 900-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of every investor’s consciousness. ~more~

#038: 09/10/2019

Our Short Recommendation is going to Payoff Big Time for Subscribers

Is the U.S. Economy Booming or Ready For a Swan Song? ~more~

#037: 08/09/2019

Trump's China Trade War Ignites Global Currency War Gold Soars Over $1,500

We can’t help but think of the character in movie Rocky III played by Mr. T ‘Clubber Lang’ when we look forward at the financial, bond and commodity markets and Trump’s trade and currency war with China, during the next couple of months, and perhaps through all the way through the end of the year. ~more~

#036: 07/09/2019

Are The New Record Highs In The U.S. Stock Market A New Buy Signal Or A Sell Signal?

The rally in U.S. Stocks has been driven by the belief the U.S. and China will reach a trade deal and the Federal Reserve will lower rates. ~more~

#035: 06/06/2019

Frelii, Inc. CEO Panics, Makes Claims That Are Not True, Then Affirms Company's Incredible Accomplishments


#034: 05/09/2019

Has The U.S. Stock Market Peeked After A 21% Run Since The Beginning of the Year?

Our 2019 Market Outlook prediction made in January is not only on target but also seem to be a strong road marker for the balance of 2019 ~more~

#033: 04/08/2019

It's Finally Time To Start To Get Caught Up In Some Reefer Madness!

This is a very special issue dedicated to what will become a hundred billion dollar business in the next few years when the entire slate of consumer uses for Hemp, Marijuana and THC become legal. This issue recommends a key company you can buy now to get ahead of the crowd. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the company recommended in this issue jump 500%, 1000% even 2000% in the next few years. ~more~

#032: 03/10/2019

Get Ready For A Wild 2019 Our Annual Market Outlook

2019 Will be even more volatile than 2018. Expect huge swings in the market and yet most U.S. equity markets to wind up finishing 2019, very close to where they finished last year. ~more~

#031: 02/10/2019

2019 Economic Outlook: President Trump's Trade Wars, Government Shutdowns And Rising Global Risks Are Going To Continue To Hurt Global and US Growth.

In this issue we’ll go over the forecasts, estimates, risks 2019 outlooks from Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Capital Group and my analysis of economic, business, and investment trends. Some of the forecasts below are from WSJ surveys of over 60 economists from Wall Street, academia, and corporate America. ~more~

#030: 01/08/2019

2019 1st Quarter Economic Outlook

A completely non-emotional, quantative look at the first quarter of the New Year ~more~

#029: 01/02/2019

As President Trump's Troubles Worsen The CBOE VIX Will Soar

Here’s an admittedly very high risk, high reward trade designed to cash in on the volatility driven by the Trump related chaos we see ahead. This trade could potentially turn every $1,800 into as much as $106,000 by March 19, 2019. Even more exciting, if this recommendation works you will have an opportunity to turn half of your windfall, $53,000 of the $106,000 into as much as $1.4 million by June 21, 2019. ~more~

#028: 12/06/2018

VLAD and MBS Prepare Coordinated Oil Production Cuts To Will Drive WTI Crude Oil Back Over $76 a barrel.

Putin’s hopes for sanction relief from President Trump and his administration have faded as Mueller’s Russian probe has now made that impossible. Meanwhile, the CIA’s truth telling is going to force the imposition of sanctions against Saudi Arabia unless its King replaces his son, the crown prince. Being impotent to deliver sanction relief and unable to prevent sanctions being imposed against either leader kills any chance of their cooperating with Trump on lower oil prices. ~more~

#027: 11/07/2018

Post 2018 Mid-Term Election Market Issue November 2018

How to fix our country so it prospers grows and puts an end to the deep division we have seen the past 17 years. ~more~

#026: 11/01/2018

Three Companies Pioneering Gene-Editing Medical Treatments That Could Revolutionize Medicine!

All three of these companies are on the cusp of simply stunning revolutionary Medical breakthroughs ~more~

#025: 10/02/2018

Market Analysis October 2018 Are We Heading Towards A Breakout Rally or Devastating Panic Sell Off?

The best stock to buy to profit on the rise of artificial intelligence... it has 50% upside potential in the next 6 months! ~more~

#024: 08/31/2018

U.S. Stock Indexes At Record Highs Ignoring The Many Dangers!

Despite the record highs being reached in the S&P and NASDAQ, the danger isn’t on the upside; the danger to investors is all on the downside right now. Our initial leg in on the short side is down at this time, but we expect a huge correction ahead. ~more~

#023: 07/31/2018

It's Time to Leg into a Leveraged Short Position on the U.S. Stock Market

We’re very likely approaching the major market correction we have been warning about and made the decision to start recommending some leveraged shorts. ~more~

#022: 06/27/2018

The Trump World-Wide Trade War: Making Investors Very Nervous!

The actual damage of Trump’s Feckless Trade War is to make his political base believe he’s doing what he promised. Any negative impact on the U.S. economy won’t become clear for 9-12 months if this continues. ~more~

#021: 05/30/2018

Second Half 2018 Economic Outlook

Trump Troubles Will Continue to Bring Wall Street Volatility and New Recommendations ~more~

#020: 05/25/2018

Special Feature - Good Morning Wall Street

You've read the Special Report, Good Morning Wall Street, now experience first hand the analysis resources Institutional Wall Street Traders use. ~more~

#019: 04/30/2018

Market Outlook

The Big Picture At The End of The First 4 Months of 2018 ~more~

#018: 04/24/2018

New and Existing Subscribers

New Stock Recommendation Now! ~more~

#017: 03/03/2018

March 2018 Market Outlook

March Market Outlook ~more~

#016: 01/21/2018

February 2018 Market Outlook

Becareful, this is a stock picker's market. Focus on value and reality and you'll make plenty of money in 2018! ~more~

#015: 01/06/2018

2018 Economic Outlook: Dow 25,000

If you thought 2017 was good. 2018 may wind up spoiling your rotten! ~more~

#014: 12/02/2017

Dow Jones Spikes Over 24,000 For the First Time!

Market Outlook 2017 November; U.S. Stocks May Be Peaking! ~more~

#013: 10/14/2017

2017 3rd Quarter Economic Outlook

The Risk and Opportunity Ahead ~more~

#012: 09/09/2017

Market Outlook Part 2, Technicals of Market

Most economic and market cycles don’t last this long, but there are signs that this bull market is in its late stages (moves are less, “steps” rarely go beyond 5, valuations, topping pattern of many stocks and indexes, divergence with transportation index). ~more~

#011: 08/20/2017

Be Careful The U.S. Stock Market Priced to Perfection

Buy 100 shares in this Chinese Internet, and Payment Processing Giant for 100% Gain on your investment in the next 18-24 months ~more~

#010: 07/23/2017

Trumponomics (Part 5): Summary and Conclusion

Russian President, Foreign Minister, Ambassador, Lobbyists, Lawyers, Spies and Hackers...OH MY! So since none of those may cut short the term of this administration, lets focus on the economics of President Trump's agenda. ~more~

#009: 06/24/2017

Trumponomics (Part 4): Deregulation

President Trump believes that deregulation, lower taxes, and infrastructure spending will help the economy grow faster, and his economic agenda could help create millions of high paying jobs for his supporters. But really how much does deregulation really play in the economic growth? ~more~

#008: 05/29/2017

Trumponomics (Part 3): Infrastructure

Infrastructure spending could be the most important economic effort the Trump administration pursues. The benefits include ... U.S. infrastructure repair and maintenance is sorely needed. Infrastructure spending does have a positive multiplier effect...Infrastructure projects could put people to work across the country...Infrastructure investments could increase the productivity of America. ~more~

#007: 04/30/2017

Trumponomics (Part 2): Tax Reform

In this month's issue we analyze President Trump’s tax proposals. His effort to push through a 15% Corporate Tax Rate, end the Estate Tax, and reduce the Personal Income Tax to Three Brackets 10%, 25% and 35% while eliminating the Mortgage Interest and State Tax Deductions. Is this a ticket to a $30 Trillion Dollar Debt or a way to push economic growth to 4%, 5% or 6% as he promised when he was running for office? ~more~

#006: 04/09/2017

Trumponomics (Part 1): Overview

It's time to take the rose colored glasses off and be realistic about what the Trump Administration is going to mean for both the U.S. Economy and World's Financial Markets. ~more~

#005: 03/22/2017

World Opportunity Investor's 2017 Investment Strategy

The danger of a global recession and market turmoil is increasing almost daily. The U.S. Stock Market is already fully valued. The Trump rally may have reached its zenith. ~more~

#004: 02/26/2017

Trumponomics: A Introduction To The "New Normal"

One of the biggest promises President Trump made to get elected was his promise to deliver economic growth of 4% to 6%, that would result in creating several million new jobs. Is this possible? ~more~

#003: 02/13/2017

I'm Recommending Taking Up to a 1000 Share Position in this Oncology and Hematology Pharmaceutical Innovator.

My upside target is $12-$14 a share in the next 12-18 months but longer term, this little giant in the Pharmaceutical Industry could trade for $25 a share - almost 400% from where its now trading. ~more~

#002: 02/01/2017

The 2017 Economic Outlook: Is the beginning of the end or the beginning of the next leg up?

Covering The Bases...GDP...Employment...Oil...Inflation...Interest Rates...Global Risks ~more~

#001: 01/29/2017

The 2017 U.S. Stock Market Outlook: The Bullish and Bearish Case

Price Analysis of Market Fundamentals of Markets and Forecasts ~more~

#000: 01/09/2017

Getting Started!

A basic guide to World Opportunity Investor that every subscriber should read. ~more~