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If one also considers the acceleration of technological breakthroughs in energy, computers, medicine and the sciences that will take place the next four years, it’s entirely likely that my targets for the Dow Jones and S&P may be conservative.

One of the key tools Michael London, my co-editor, and I will be using in selecting stocks, making buy, sell and even short recommendations will be a professional software package that some of the biggest hedge fund and professional traders use... Erlanger Chart Room (ECR).

Professionals and Institutions pay as much as $22,000 a year for access Erlanger Chart Room because it provides the best tracking of market sentiment on most stocks and ETF’s. We will be using charts for most of the stocks we recommend in World Opportunity Investor.

We will illustrate buy, sell, and short recommendations using various ECR charts. Once you gain an understanding as to how Erlanger Chart Room works and see how it can generate enormous profits, you’ll be a huge believer in them and understand why professional traders and large financial institutions are willing to pay so much for Erlanger’s proprietary market signals.

Here’s a sneak peek of how Erlanger Chart Room charts look...

[Image: ECR]

A second tool we will be using when recommending stocks will be the SuperStock Investor Stock Score Card (SSI Score Card). While it doesn’t cover every U.S. equity in the universe, it does cover many of the stocks we will be recommending in World Opportunity Investor, and will be used in most recommendations. The SuperStock Investor Stock Score Card is unique in that it not only gives a projection for each stock it covers, it also gives a Price Target, as well as an Upper and Lower Bound target for each equity.

[Image: SSI Score Card]

The SSI Score Card also provides key information like the P/E and Sales (revenue) growth as well as the profitability and growth of each of the company’s growth in assets in the past, present and future.

Occasionally, we may recommend equities, small cap, micro cap stock opportunities that cannot be measured by either Erlanger Chart Room or SuperStock Investor’s Score Card. These will be companies that represent unique ground floor opportunities.

Michael and I are eternal optimists with most things in life but when it comes to investing and trading we’re realists. So in World Opportunity Investor, we will not always be recommending buying stocks and ETFs, as is the case with my two other stock newsletters Gold and Energy Advisor and SuperStock Investor as well as our two options services Gold and Energy Options Trader and Options Index Trader. Or in the case of the options services, thanks to the superb signals I get from both ECR and SSI Stock Score Card, from time to time we will be recommending to take profits and even short stocks when it’s appropriate.

No stock, ETF goes straight up. There are times to buy, sell, short, and even stand by on the sidelines. My market analysis tools are the most efficient way to catch big up moves, sell offs and periods of sideways drifts in stocks that I have come across in over 40+ years as an investor and financial analyst.

Some tips on how to play stocks we recommend...

  1. Again always limit any recommendation I make here in WOI to 20% by putting in place a stop loss when possible. When a stock drops 20% from my recommended entry, it’s time to step out and re-evaluate the position.
  2. Always sell half your position when a stock or ETF goes up 50%. This allows you to take Profits off the table and still stay in. Sometimes I’ll make a recommendation to sell winning and losing positions well before a prior target or before they have fallen 20% or experienced a 50% gain.
  3. Occasionally, I will make a recommendation and at the same time give you a stop gain order.
  4. I will be recommending buying and selling stocks and ETFs.
  5. Sometimes I will recommend selling Call Options against an established stock position. This can substantially reduce your cost per share of your position.
  6. Sometimes instead of recommending buying a stock, I may instead recommend selling put options. Done correctly, this can generate 1% in less than 31 days. One-percent in a month in a 1% a year world, worth it when you’re in cash.
  7. I will make recommendations in the frame work of a portfolio in order to provide a hypothetical track record.
  8. Speak with a licensed securities advisor before following my recommendations. Especially if you have any doubt about any recommendation before you execute it. There’s no rule that says you have to trust my recommendations. You can always start with paper trading my recommendations. I have no doubt I’ll win your confidence.

If you have any questions, by all means please send them to me by email at

Keep in mind we are not registered or licensed investment advisors; so Michael London and I cannot provide or offer individual (one-on-one) investment advice on registered securities. I however can answer subscribers' questions via my updates and issues of World Opportunity Investor and will endeavor to do so as frequently as I can. So please don’t hesitate sending me your questions.

We expect 2019 to be a great year for knowledgeable and informed stock market investors. My target for the Dow Jones for 2018 is 25,000, and the S&P is 2500. We're at the dawn of an era of great technological and scientific breakthroughs that will create tremendous economic growth and prosperity here in the United States.

As I write this letter World Opportunity Investor is on the runway and about to take off. Look for my first issues and updates in the next week. Michael and I will do everything we can to pack them with winners!

We look forward to guiding you to some extraordinary profits.

James DiGeorgia,
Chief Editor and Analyst
World Opportunity Investor

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