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James DiGeorgia Michael London


#017: 03/26/2018

Sell Your Remaining RDUS Calls Immediatly!

Take a break even trade on the remaining 3 RDUS April Options! ~more~

#016: 02/08/2018

Take Profits on WYNN $165 June Options Recommended on

We'll jump back in on the long side as soon as WYNN dips back to ... ~more~

#015: 01/29/2018

The Feathers Are Flying!

WYNN is a Screaming Buy! Buy these in the Money Call Options and leverage the inevitable bounce back into some juicy profits! ~more~

#014: 01/21/2018

RDUS Breaking out and our April $30 Call Options are now up over 100%!

Time to jump in on this small Wall Street financial! It's trading for $1.4 billion discount! This is your chance to turn $3,000 into as much as $20,800! ~more~

#013: 01/18/2018

Covered Call Options brought in $800!

Looking to add to our position in ths company on a pullback. ~more~

#012: 01/14/2018

YY shares leap - as I predicted! Sell these February 16 $145 Call Options against every 100 shares you own! Renew Your subscription

Here's what to do -- Sell these February 16 $145 Call Options against every 100 shares you own! Also its time to renew your subscription! Don't miss a single recommendation in 2018! ~more~

#011: 01/06/2018

Happy New Year!

We finished 2017 with a net gain of 40%! My first Trade Recommendations of 2018 are designed to deliver profits of 35% to 50% this year! ~more~

#010: 11/19/2017

YY Reports Blowout Quarter!

RDUS stops out. How to turn the loss in RDUS into a huge profit using in the money calls. PLUS: Change of recommendation on BLUE. ~more~

#009: 10/03/2017


These Stocks Are Heading 50% Higher SOON! ~more~

#008: 08/28/2017

Here we go again! Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio to Lower Your Cost Basis!

If BLUE rallies over $115 by September 15, 2017 you’ll still net a 27% profit on your $8,900 net investment in about 39 days. That’s about a $2,600 profit on every 100 shares you purchased on my recommendation. Not bad for a $49 a year newsletter. ~more~

#007: 08/21/2017

Take a $3,930 Profit!

Take Two Small Losses That Amount to $410. Set up for a bigger wins in one of them, stand aside on the other until I signal to jump back in. ~more~

#006: 06/05/2017

Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio

Lower your cost basis 28%. We did this before and racked up a 32% profit. Let's do it again. ~more~

#005: 04/29/2017

New Buy Recommendation: Grab Your Shares On Monday!

BUY 300 Shares BioTech for $42 or less a share... 12-18 month price target $70 a share which gives you upside as much 65% to 75% in the next 12-18 months. The firm is a solid Buyout Candidate after FDA approval of its first drug! ~more~

#004: 04/09/2017

We were stopped out of both our PNAT and NAK positions thanks to our strict 20% stop loss rule.

We also took a 32.78% on BLUE via our covered call options recommendation. Here's what I recommend to do now. ~more~

#003: 02/13/2017

How to Play This Down Move in Pura Naturals, Inc.

Be smart, agile and savvy when buying or selling a stock you believe has long term potential. ~more~

#002: 02/13/2017

Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio to Lower Your Cost Basis or Net up to 34%!

This recommendation is only for subscribers that own 100 or more shares of BLUE. ~more~

#001: 01/21/2017

President Trump's Administration Could Lift Mining Restrictions on One of the Biggest Undeveloped Gold Mines in the World.

If Trump's EPA removes the environmental restrictions blocking this mines development this companies shares could soar 300% to 800% as gold and copper rise in price over the next 4 years! ~more~