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#219: 10/15/2023

World War III May Be Approaching. Iran Threatens to Wipe Israel off the Map!

We may be on the verge of another regional war in the Middle East, with the risk of World War III becoming a reality. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck Hezbollah posts on the Lebanese border in response to cross-border hostilities by the terrorist organization. Iran is now threatening to join the fight with Hamas. BUY GOLD NOW ~more~

#218: 09/12/2023

Follow Up Recommendation on our 2000 Share Position in Transocean Ltd.(NYSE – RIG)

Sell These 20 Call Options Against the 2000 Shares of Transocean Ltd. (NYSE – RIG) that I Recommended in March and April 2022 ~more~

#217: 08/27/2023

Another $3,331 of Profits Taken in Our LLY and Nividia Recommended Trades - on Top of $55,032 Enjoyed in July.*

(Here are Two New Trade Recommendations for Monday Morning) ~more~

#216: 08/17/2023

Revolutionizing the $22 Billion Multiple Sclerosis Drug Treatment Market

FSD Pharma, a biotech company at the forefront of the cutting-edge creation UNBUZZED™, a rapid alcohol detoxification drink, has been granted the privilege to present its groundbreaking Phase 1 data on Lucid-MS at the prestigious MSMilan 2023 – 9th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting. ~more~

#215: 08/09/2023

Buy Back LLY Put Placed on Issue #81 for a $911.00 Profit

Buy back our Issue #81 July 24, 2023 LLY Trade for a profit ~more~

#214: 03/15/2023

Take Profits of over $2,195

Close 400 shares of ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg. Crude Oil NYSEArca: SCO ~more~

#213: 02/16/2023

Take Profits of over $890 on this Covered Call

A follow-up Covered Call recommendation for those who own 100 shares of LLY - a resting buy recommendation for those who don’t own LLY and an update on DWAC ~more~

#212: 01/18/2023

New LLY Call Option Recommendation

We are executing a LLY covered call ~more~

#211: 12/21/2022

We are Doubling Our Short Position in DWAC

Adding to our Short Position in Crude Oil ~more~

#210: 11/16/2022

New Recommendation: Short DWAC Again!

When DWAC fails, Trump will have a lot of people to blame for the losses that investors have incurred, which might total billions of dollars. ~more~

#209: 10/11/2022

Buy 21,000 Shares of this Cutting Edge AI Sports Betting and Fintech Company

Don't be misled by the company's name. Dear Cashmere Holding Business (OTC: DRCR) is on its way to becoming Swifty Global, a high-tech company that delivers groundbreaking solutions for both the Fintech and Sports Betting sectors. ~more~

#208: 07/11/2022

Elon Musk's Jilting Twitter Sets of Insane Rally in DWAC Creating a New Shorting Opportunity

According to several stock analysts, Twitter could be worth as little as $11 a share without Musk's buyout. ~more~

#207: 05/23/2022

With Uncertainty Looming Let's Take Profits

If Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Suddenly Ends, the World Price of Oil and Natural Gas Will Plummet!!! Take Approximately $4,033 in Total Profits ~more~

#206: 05/20/2022


Option Expiration This Week Delivers $35,227 in Profitable Trade Recommendations! ~more~

#205: 05/19/2022

Short Another 1000 Shares of DWAC!

When DWAC Collapses: Trump Will Have Plenty of Targets to Blame for the Billions of Dollars Investors Lose! ~more~

#204: 05/11/2022

New DWAC Recommendation

Short 1000 Shares of DWAC it's Going to Blow Up! Trump will go back to Twitter. ~more~

#203: 05/06/2022

New Recommendations

Putin Likely to Declare War on Ukraine ~more~

#202: 05/05/2022

Take $1,700+ Profit Now!

Close the Bitcoin short position and take the $1,700+ profit. ~more~

#201: 04/27/2022

Take Approximately $25,000 Profits Now!

Wild optimism has DWAC jumping higher today. ~more~

#200: 04/26/2022

Take Advantage of the Inevitable Bounce

New Earning Reports will be released in a few days. This is a New opportunity ~more~

#199: 04/26/2022

Buy Back NVDA Cover Calls and Take Your Profits Now!

New NVIDIA Recommendation ~more~

#198: 04/25/2022

NEW PXD Recomendation

Sell These May 20, 2022, $240 Call Options ~more~

#197: 04/25/2022

Take Profits of as Much as $5,544

The threats from Russia are that they will take action against the United States and NATO for re-arming Ukraine. ~more~

#196: 04/22/2022


Close April 29, 2022, Covered Call Option and Collect $2,440 ~more~

#195: 04/18/2022

Ukrainian President and CIA Director Both Warn Putin Could Use Nuke

We are taking a new preemptive put position in SPY ~more~

#194: 04/13/2022

Take a Profit of $1,050!

New LNG Recommendation ~more~

#193: 04/11/2022

New OLED Recommendation

New resting order to short 1000 more shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. ~more~

#192: 04/07/2022

Take a $1,250 Profit on this March Options Recommendation!*

New Recommendation for NVIDA ~more~

#191: 04/04/2022

Close this PXD Covered Call Options for a $1,584 Profit

New Recommendation - Sell These April 22, 2022 $270 PXD Covered Call Options ~more~

#190: 04/01/2022

New Recommendations

Investor Business Daily False Hope to Trump's Truth Social and its SPAC (NASDAQ: DWAC) ~more~

#189: 03/24/2022

Cancel the Standing Order Trade Recommendation We Made in Alert #184

NEW PXD Trade Recommendation - Sell These PXD Call Options ~more~

#188: 03/18/2022

Take Your New NVIDA PROFITS Now!

We are Recommending a New NVIDA Options Sell Transaction. ~more~

#187: 03/14/2022

Take Profits at the Market of about $3,700 Immediately!

We Recommended March 21, 2022, $360 SPY PUTS, on 02/28/2022 in Alert #180 ~more~

#186: 03/11/2022

Putin Will Stage a False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack

Buy these puts now! ~more~

#185: 03/11/2022

New Trade Recommendation

Short 1000 Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NasdaqCM: DWAC) at the Market ~more~

#184: 03/11/2022

Cancel Alert #183 Trade Recommendation - Trade was Never Executed

We have a New Call Option Trade Recommendation for PXD ~more~

#183: 03/08/2022

New Pioneer Natural Resources Options Recommendation

This trade is for subscribers that took our recommendations and bought Pioneer Natural Resources ~more~

#182: 03/07/2022

We Recommend Selling 10 Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG)

Today we recommend selling RIG puts to insulate ourselves against a stock pullback ~more~

#181: 03/03/2022

New Recommendations

Sell These Call Options Against Your Shares of LNG ~more~

#180: 02/28/2022

Buy These SPY Puts

President Zelensky Will Tell Putin "NUTS!" ~more~

#179: 02/24/2022

We've Quickly Moved from a Redux of 1938 to a Redux of 1939

Here are Some New Recommendations ~more~

#178: 02/22/2022

Putin's is Starting World War III Declaring Ukraine Has No Right to Exist!

New Recommendations - Putin's position on Ukraine will give the Chinese the twisted justification they need to invade Taiwan ~more~

#177: 02/16/2022

Add 200 Shares or Open a New Position in PXD

Buy at Market Price Immediately ~more~

#176: 02/14/2022

Take your $1,752.00 in profits now!

Flash Alert: Russian Forces Appear to be on the Verge of Backing Off Their Plan to Invade Ukraine. ~more~

#175: 02/03/2022


Possibly HUGE Trouble Indicted by Our Erlanger Chart Room Indicators! ~more~

#174: 01/26/2022

Get Ready to Take Profits on the Four March 18, 2022 LNG $110 Call Options

We are keeping a close watch on the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. We ask you to keep a watch on World Opportunity Investor for instructions. ~more~

#173: 01/24/2022

Today is the 7th Straight Ugly Day in the U.S. Financial Markets

This is a Spike in the Vix Not a Swell ~more~

#172: 01/21/2022

Take New Profits Now!

BlackRock Options Bought Back Generated a Profit of $1,821* ~more~

#171: 01/18/2022

Take Your Profits on the Covered Call Options Trade on BlackRock

We believe we will see BlackRock (NYSE: BLK) bounce back to over $900 a share in the next 60-90 days. ~more~

#170: 01/14/2022

Take More Profits Now! This Time $2,148

We are concerned about the continued volatility weighing heavily on the S&P. ~more~

#169: 01/12/2022

Take $3,200 Profits On Our 12/22/21 Recommendation

A new Options Trade Recommendation on the S&P Index ~more~

#168: 12/23/2021

Putin Refuses to Rule Out Invading Ukraine. Sounds More and More Like Hitler Before His Annexations of Czechoslovakia and Austria!

Here are more recommendations to prepare for a spike in crude oil and natural gas and hedges against a pullback in the U.S equity markets if Putin invades Ukraine. ~more~

#167: 12/22/2021

Flash Alert: Russia Appears to be on the Verge of Invading Ukraine!

If Russia invades the price of crude oil and natural gas will jump sharply and the world’s financial markets will take another 3-5% hit. To start preparing, here’s what we recommend... ~more~

#166: 12/17/2021

We are closing Our Short Position in our iShares Russell IWM on January 21, 210 Puts

We expect a Santa Clause rally next week and more news about the Omicron Covid-19 variant that will indicate it's near as deadly as the Delta variant that currently represents over 80% of the infections. ~more~

#165: 12/02/2021

RED ALERT: We May Be on the Verge of a Serious Stock Market Correction

Between the prospect of a more aggressive tapering by the Federal Reserve and the danger of New Omicron Strain of Covid-19, we may be approaching a 10% correction in the Dow Jones and S&P Indexes. ~more~

#164: 11/29/2021

It's time to take your PROFIT ONCE AGAIN

New Prologis Option Recommendation ~more~

#163: 11/23/2021

New Sea Limited Recommendation

Our Best Black Friday Offer Accompanies This Alert - Don't Miss a Recommendation or Closing Position. Thousands of Dollars are on the Line! ~more~

#162: 11/22/2021

Take a Profit of Over $1,000

New Trade Recommendation ~more~

#161: 11/11/2021

Our Recommendation of Plug Power, Inc. has Climbed Sharply!

Sell These $55 December Call Options to Reduce Your Cost Basis ~more~

#160: 11/05/2021

New NVIDIA Recommendation

We Recommend Selling this NVIDIA December 17 Call Option ~more~

#159: 11/03/2021

New Recommendations for NVIDIA and LLY

Sell this December $280 Call Option Against Every 100 Shares of LLY ~more~

#158: 11/01/2021

New Recommendation

We believe this company’s technologies will become ubiquitous in the next three years. ~more~

#157: 10/26/2021

New Recommendation

An Autonomous Driving Technology Company Specializing in Trucks that will Revolutionize the Supply Chain Transportation of Goods! ~more~

#156: 10/25/2021

Sell These Call Options Against Two Stock Open Positions

If you followed our previous recommendations, on Friday you racked up a profit of $1,435 ~more~

#155: 10/19/2021

We Are Making A New Recommendation

We are making this recommendation not just because this company plans to enter the chip-making industry but also because we think BitCoin will soon be accepted as a payment mechanism for online goods and services and in conventional brick-and-mortar shops. ~more~

#154: 10/18/2021

We Took a Profit of an Additional $9,095

New Recommendations Today! We Took Total Profits on Friday for $10,998. ~more~

#153: 09/29/2021

Close the SPY $430 Put Position Immediately

A Government Shutdown Will Likely Be Averted! ~more~

#152: 09/21/2021

It's Time to Recognize These Three Potential Crises Could Clobber Wall Street in the Next 30 Days

We are protecting ourselves from a potential Worldwide Stock Market Crash ~more~

#151: 09/13/2021

We are Making a New Trade Recommentation

Add 100 Additional Shares of NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA)to your portfolio. ~more~

#150: 09/10/2021

Biden's Sweeping New Vaccine Mandates Could be a Game Changer

Biden's strategy comes as Wall Street appears to be waking up to the 14 days average death toll. ~more~

#149: 09/07/2021

Sell These Covered Call Options on Friday's Recommendations

The U.S. and world stock markets are still endangered of a considerable correction if the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t ramp down! ~more~

#148: 09/03/2021

Re-Enter NVIDIA, BlackRock and Eli Lilly and Company Immediately

The United States is still dealing with the uncertainty surrounding Covid. We are meticulously analyzing the attributes and risks associated with our portfolio as our economy readjusts. ~more~

#147: 09/02/2021

Here Are 6 New Stock and Option Recommendations

New World Opportunity Investor Recommendations After Taking $78,236 in Profits Just 3 Days Ago ~more~

#146: 08/10/2021

New World Opportunity Investor Recommendation

Sell This Call Option Against Your 100 Share Position of Sea Limited ~more~

#145: 08/05/2021

Hedge Your Long Positions and/or Position Yourself to Profit.

With the Delta Variant threatening more Americans, it's time to protect yourself against a sell-off. ~more~

#144: 07/30/2021

Take a $1600 Profit Now!

losing our Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil (NYSEArca – UCO) ETF trade recommendation for a nice profit. ~more~

#143: 07/27/2021

Take Your Profits Off The Table

New Recommendation and Additional Profits ~more~

#142: 07/23/2021

New Recommendation

We recommend selling Eli Lilly and Company Call Options ~more~

#141: 06/30/2021

Our NVIDIA Call Option Generated $3,642.00 Profit In Just 2 DAYS

New Recommendation - Sell These Call Options Against the 100 BlackRock Shares ~more~

#140: 06/28/2021

Take Some Cash in Without Selling Your 200 Nvidia Shares!

Sell these July 30 $850 Call Options Against Our Recommended 200 share position of Nvidia. ~more~

#139: 05/21/2021

We Are Making Two New Recommendations

An artificial intelligence and digital health and wellness company that should both more than double in price in the next few years ~more~

#138: 04/13/2021

The CDC Recommends Pausing Johnson and Johnson's Covid-19 Vaccine.

Recommendation Will Likely Crush this Key JNJ Supplier’s Share Price in the Weeks and Months Ahead. ~more~

#137: 02/18/2021

New Recommendation Next Breakout Mobile Satellite Company

We believe this groundbreaking position will enjoy exponential growth in revenues and bottom line profits. ~more~

#136: 02/17/2021

Time to Jump Into these Three Genomic Stocks!

Gene editing and the rise of quantum and artificial intelligence computing will make the impossible possible. ~more~

#135: 02/16/2021

Eli Lilly Has Really Nice Upside Potential: Let's Jump Back In!

We recommend adding 200 Shares of Eli Lilly and Company (LLY- NYSE) to your portfolio for a 30% to 150% gain in the next 24 months. Dear Subscribers, ~more~

#134: 02/11/2021

FLASH ALERT - GT Biopharma, Inc.

GT Biopharma, Inc. Uplists to the NASDAQ Exchange 1 for 17 Stock Reverse Split ~more~

#133: 02/10/2021

We Are Making Three New Recommendations

For as much as a "4" Fold Return in the Next 24 -36 Months ~more~

#132: 01/20/2021

Joe R. Biden was Sworn in as the 46th President of the United States!

Starting 2021 with our #1 High Tech recommendation and our #1 ground floor Biotech recommendation! ~more~

#131: 11/09/2020

Closing Our Recommended Position of 200 Shares in Biogen, Inc.

We still believe the U.S. stock market is a giant bubble ~more~

#130: 07/27/2020

$10,638 Profits Taken on Friday's Options Expiration

Take your $10,638 and make a note of our new recommendations ~more~

#129: 07/22/2020

Take a Profit of $460 on this VMW Trade

BUY BACK THE VMW 2 July 24th, 2020 $145 Call Options ~more~

#128: 06/29/2020

Pocket Your 100% Profit

New Recommendations and Analysis ~more~

#127: 06/24/2020

We Recommend Buying 200 Shares of this Oil ETF

We Believe We’re Going to See Oil Collapse in Price in the Next Few Months ~more~

#126: 06/19/2020

Take Some More Profits!

Buyback the June 26, 2020, BIIB Call Options. ~more~

#125: 06/18/2020

Take Some Profits!

Buy Back the June 19, 2020 Call Options Sold Against 100 Shares of Intel Corporation (NasdaqGS: INTC) ~more~

#124: 06/15/2020

Buyback the VMware Acquired Sell Position and New Order to Buyback Eli Lilly and Company

New sell recommendations follow ~more~

#123: 06/11/2020

Fast Moving Markets: Update Biogen Inc.

Update on Revised Entry Price ~more~

#122: 06/11/2020

Immediately Lower Re-Entry Price on Biogen

Follow New Recommendation! ~more~

#121: 06/02/2020

Our Qualcomm Position Closed on Friday with a 16.5% Profit in less than 74 Days

New Recommendations! ~more~

#120: 05/29/2020

Buy Back the Two May 29, 2020 VMware Call Options

We have other option positions we recommended that will expire today that will allow you to keep the shares ~more~

#119: 05/22/2020

Changing Our Pending Recommendation on NVDA

We are raising the re-entry on 200 shares. ~more~

#118: 05/18/2020

Market Indexes Soaring on Belief Vaccine Will Be Developed

Friday Option Expiration Results ~more~

#117: 05/08/2020

Sell These May 29, 2020 Call Options

For Every Every 100 Shares You Own of VMware, Inc. (VMW: NYSE) ~more~

#116: 05/05/2020

Sell These May 29 Call Options Against Your Shares

Sell One May 29th $55 Call Option Against Every 100 Shares of CRSP ~more~

#115: 05/01/2020

Sell Call Options Against This Existing WOI Portfolio Stock Position

Like most stocks, we believe it will be pulled by the gravity we expect to see re-asserted in the market as the realization of how badly the U.S and global economy has been damaged. ~more~

#114: 04/24/2020

Sell These May 15 Call Options Against Your Shares

Bring Down the Cost of These Shares ~more~

#113: 04/24/2020

Sell These May 15 Call Options Against Your Shares

Bring Down Your Cost of Shares of QUALCOMM Incorporated ~more~

#112: 04/24/2020

Sell These May 15 Call Options Against Your Shares

Bring Down Your Cost of Shares of CRISPR Therapeutics AG ~more~

#111: 04/23/2020

Sell These May Call Options Against Your Shares of BZUN

Bring Down the Cost of Your Shares ~more~

#110: 04/23/2020

Buy Your $345 Biogen April 24 Call Options Back Now!

Then Sell These $310 Call Options Against Your Biogen Shares! ~more~

#109: 04/21/2020

Sell this April 345 Call Option Against Your 100 Share Position in Biogen

Tomorrow, Biogene, inc. (BIIB-NasdaqGS) is scheduled to release its earnings. ~more~

#108: 04/20/2020

WTI Oil Nose Dives to BELOW ZERO a Barrel: Storage Space Vanishing and Demand Plummeting

This will guarantee a Wall Street Massacre that will make 2008-09 look like a picnic. The collapse of oil-related companies will compound a multi-trillion dollar commercial and private real estate collapse that will guarantee a banking collapse and economic depression. ~more~

#107: 04/17/2020

One more position tied to options expiration today

Let your JOYY Inc. (YY- NasdaqGS) position be called away. ~more~

#106: 04/16/2020

Two of our recommended stock positions will be called away for small net profits tomorrow

We’ll look to recommend buying them back on a broader market pullback that we expect ahead. ~more~

#105: 04/15/2020

Take Profits Up to $8,234!* $5,840* on Our NUGT and $2,394* UGLD Gold Trade Recommendations

We believe gold will soar over $1,900 in a few short months but expect sell-offs when the stock market nosedives again. We believe the stock market is way overvalued. ~more~

#104: 04/03/2020

The Paycheck Protection Program signed into law by President Trump is on the verge of becoming a disaster.

If what we discovered is true – the Stock Market WILL Collapse – 2,000, 3,000 even 5,000 points if our legislators don’t step forward NOW and fix it. ~more~

#103: 03/27/2020

Add Additional 1000 shares NUGT to your gold stocks ETF position

Gold is going to explode in price as the Congress votes for a serious of a bailout over the next few months. ~more~

#102: 03/26/2020

Sell These Covered Calls Against Existing Positions

We’re concerned we’re about to get news in the next 72 hours that will send stock markets around the world much lower! ~more~

#101: 03/26/2020

BUY 1000 Shares of SPXS at Market Price Now

Maintain Buy Recommendation on our current pending position for 1500 shares of SPXS ~more~

#100: 03/26/2020

The Coronavirus Health Crisis is going to get worse before it gets better.

Wall Street will swing wildly for the rest of the year as World & U.S. Economy recover, and the unprecedented fear subsides. ~more~

#099: 03/25/2020

Take Your Profit on the 1,000 shares of Direxion Daily S&P500 Bull 3X ETF Shares (SPXL-NYSEArca) Now!

We got within 3 Cents of our $26 mark. It not worth the wait and Lose a Large Profit. Sell your position Now! ~more~

#098: 03/25/2020

Take Your Profit on the 1,000 shares of Direxion Daily S&P500 Bull 3X ETF Shares (SPXL-NYSEArca) at $26

Sit tight and wait for the SPXS to hit $16 a share when we re-entering the Direxion Daily S&P500 Bear 3X ETF (SPXS-NYSEArca) with 1500 shares. ~more~

#097: 03/24/2020

New Recommendations

VelocityShares 2x Short -Term ETN (NasdaqGM-UGLD) and Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3X Shares (NYSEArca-NUGT) ~more~

#096: 03/24/2020

Lower Your Re-entry on both resting orders for 750 Shares (1500 total) SPXS Shares

Change the entry price on this resting position to $16 a share. ~more~

#095: 03/24/2020

Recommendation that we just sent out!

Good news you should have been able to get $7 for each option ($700) for a total of $1,400 for options ~more~

#094: 03/24/2020

Sell These Options Against Your 200 Share Position in NVDA

We have 200 shares of NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA-NasdaqGS) in our model portfolio. The company received an analyst upgrade and is up about $33 this morning. ~more~

#093: 03/24/2020

Trade Alert Update – Please Read

Our recommendation late yesterday to buy 1,000 shares of Direxion Daily S&P 500 BULL 3X ETF (NYSEArca - SPXL)was filled at $18. ~more~

#092: 03/23/2020

Buy 1000 Shares of SPXL for $18.50 a share or Less!

The Dow Jones Futures hit 18,213 and the S&P 2,191.86. We believed that S&P would bottom at 2,100. Now we’re not so sure. ~more~

#091: 03/20/2020

Cash in Immediately. Take Your Profits!

Options Expiration Brings in Almost $1,760 in Cash!* ~more~

#090: 03/19/2020

New Recommendations

We’re in for at least several more difficult days like yesterday, week and month until this coronavirus epidemic has done its worst. The aftershocks of this pandemic will last for years. ~more~

#089: 03/18/2020

Take an Almost $11,000 Profit NOW

Close Your SPXS Positions Now! ~more~

#088: 03/16/2020

Market Turmoil Won't Be Fixed By Cutting Interest Rates or Printing Money

Competence and mitigation of the epidemic is the only medicine for this kind of crisis. Everything else is background noise. ~more~

#087: 03/13/2020

Immediately Close the Call Options Sold Against Your BABA position!

We’ll roll upon any substantial rally next week in this Chinese stock ~more~

#086: 03/12/2020

On January 20th, 2017 Trump was Inaugurated President; the Dow Jones closed that day at 19,827

He’s been bragging ever since about how great the U.S. economy is and how the U.S. Stock Market has been doing at every opportunity. Now the Stock Market is in a meltdown in large part to his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis and international affairs. ~more~

#085: 03/11/2020

Throwing the Babies Out With the Bath Water

As the World’s Financial Markets Collapse on WHO Declaration of Coronavirus Pandemic the Price of Gold Is Collapsing ~more~

#084: 03/11/2020

Buy Back the NVDA March 27th $300 Call Options

Sell the March 27th, $275 ~more~

#083: 03/11/2020

Buy Back the CRISP March 20th $55 Call Options

New Sell Option Recommendation ~more~

#082: 03/09/2020


Sit tight. ~more~

#081: 03/09/2020


A bear market, by definition, is a correction of 20% or greater. The current black swan nose-dive has the potential of matching the 1987 crash of 31.5%. ~more~

#080: 03/06/2020

New Trade Recommendation

Sell These 3 March 20 Options Against Your 300 CRSP Shares Immediately! ~more~

#079: 03/05/2020

Why We Have and Will Continue to Add Shares of SPXS, UGLD and are Now Recommending Gold Coins

Why We Are Betting on a Monstrous Rally in Gold and 31% Plunge in the Major Stock Indexes that Will Drift Even Lower Until Sometime in 2021. ~more~

#078: 03/03/2020

Take Your Profits on the March 6, 2020 $217.50 Call Options on BABA We Recommended on February 24, 2020

The Federal Reserve’s decision to cut its discount rate by a half point is going to worsen evolving economic fall-out from the coronavirus not better. ~more~

#077: 03/02/2020

Sell these Call Options Against Your 200 Shares of NVIDIA!

Let’s take advantage of this bounce in the market ~more~

#076: 02/28/2020

Buy Back the Following Options and Sell the Following Options on VMW

We’re Rolling Down ~more~

#075: 02/28/2020

Buy Another 500 Shares of This ETF to Profit on Wall Street Nose-Dive!

We’re only halfway through the Stock Market Crash of 2020 ~more~

#074: 02/28/2020

The Stock Market Crash Underway Only Half Done; Monday Will be a Blood Bath on Wall Street!

Buy the following ETF and be prepared to take profits when the S&P hits this level. ~more~

#073: 02/27/2020

8,400 California residents being monitored for doomsday virus sends the Dow Jones down 1,190 points

Beware Friday and Monday. The sell-off could be as much as another 3,900 points! ~more~

#072: 02/27/2020

The Worst Panic on Wall Street Since 2008

Here’s our view on what comes next and where we stand and what we recommend ~more~

#071: 02/24/2020

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Sell Call Options Take Profits

You will generate a gross net profit on the buyback and covered call of $35.26 a share from this recommendation. ~more~

#070: 02/24/2020

The Feathers are Flying Let's Take Another $3,662 in Profits!

Wall Street’s talking heads are predicting this correction is going to be over quickly. We hope that’s true – but we believe they’re wrong. ~more~

#069: 02/24/2020

Our Erlanger Big Barf Indicator is Signaling a BIG SELLOFF Ahead!

Here is What We Recommend You Should do to Profit from the Possible Selloff, and Protect Our Current Recommended Stock Positions. ~more~

#068: 02/21/2020

Buy the Following Covered Call Options Back Immediately If You Sold Them on Our Recommendation

We may also issue another round of options recommendations- Keep alert! ~more~

#067: 02/20/2020

New Special Report with Updated Entry Targets Coming Soon!

We’re be releasing a new Special Report “Three Companies Pioneering Gene Editing.” We are hoping to reenter CRISPR on a pullback. ~more~

#066: 02/18/2020

We're still very wary of a major market correction driven by the continuing threat from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

However, we can’t ignore the clear buy signal! ~more~

#065: 02/06/2020

Biogen (BIIB) Soars, Catches Us by Surprise

Why we are being so conservative with our recommendations right now. ~more~

#064: 02/04/2020

Take Your Profits on Biogen!

The price of the option didn’t decline enough yesterday. We are taking our profits TODAY! ~more~

#063: 02/03/2020

Buy Back This Covered Call Option Now!

Buy back Biogen (BIIB)at a Nice Profit ~more~

#062: 01/30/2020

The Coronavirus is Likely to Continue to Pound Chinese Stocks Lower

Selling Calls Options against our BZUN position makes sense. ~more~

#061: 01/24/2020

The Danger of a Stock Market Correction in the United States is Growing as the Result of the Coronavirus Spreading Globally!

Trade Clarification TVIX ~more~

#060: 01/24/2020

Buy Back These Covered Call Options if You Sold Them and then Sell these Call Options Against the Same Stocks ASAP!

New TVIX Volatility Trade Recommendation! ~more~

#059: 01/15/2020

Sell These Call Options Against these Chinese Stocks if you followed our recommendations!

Let’s Hedge Against a Pullback ~more~

#058: 01/10/2020


We could see a 10% correction in S&P, which could drive the Volatility Index (VIX) up 60% in the next 30-60 Days! ~more~

#057: 01/09/2020

Our Favorite Chinese Stocks

Here's what we plan! ~more~

#056: 01/02/2020

Take up to $4,707.00 of profits Now!

Sit tight for re-entry in that position. Our Erlanger Chart Room Charts are signaling a possible pullback from the current trading price. ~more~

#055: 12/20/2019

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We are buying back CRSP. Act Immediately! ~more~

#054: 12/18/2019

Buy December 20, 2019, Calls Options Back Immediately!

This is called rolling up covered call options. ~more~

#053: 11/27/2019

Buy These Chinese Stocks Back Immediately!

Cancel Previous Resting Buy Prices and Buy These Chinese Stocks Back today! ~more~

#052: 11/21/2019

Our Recommendation of Baozun Inc. (NasdaqGS-BZUN) Gets Hammered By Earnings Miss and Cautious Earnings Prediction

Here’s what to do if you own shares, sold options as recommended or don’t own any shares of this promising Chinese company ~more~

#051: 11/20/2019

NVIDA Climbs Sharply After Our Recent Recommendation

Sell These December 27 $225 Call Options against your 200 Shares Now! ~more~

#050: 11/19/2019

Our Recommendation of CRISPR SKYROCKETS!

Here’s What to Do Immediately! ~more~

#049: 11/18/2019

Why Wednesday May be One of the Most Important Days in the Recent History of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our YY Position of 400 Shares Was Called Away on Friday Options Expiration. Our BZUN position was not called away. Here’s what to do. ~more~

#048: 10/30/2019

The Quantum Computer Revolution Will Create Hundreds of Trillions of New Industries and Wealth!

Here’s a technology stock to add to your WOI Quantum stock portfolio immediately. ~more~

#047: 10/25/2019

Quantum Computing Will Profoundly Change the World!

Make the impossible possible! We are literally at the doorstep of incredible computing speeds. ~more~

#046: 10/25/2019

Sell December 20, 2019, $300 Call Options

Let's use Call selling to lower the cost of acquisition in this position ~more~

#045: 10/18/2019

Take Your Profits In Beyond Meat (BYND)!

Our Beyond Meat short recommendations would be stopped out with profits of about 27% and 19% if you followed all our recommendations! ~more~

#044: 10/15/2019

Beyond Meat Falls Like A Rock!

Wall Street Analysts Wake Up and Realize BYND is Way Overpriced. ~more~

#043: 10/10/2019

Sell These Call Options Against These Open Recommended Stock Positions

Strategy to lower the average cost of your shares ~more~

#042: 09/27/2019

SHOCKER! President Trump Reportedly Considering Delisting Chinese Stocks!

Make no mistake this would set in motion a stock market crash that could rival the 2008-2009 nosedives! ~more~

#041: 09/26/2019

If You Missed Shorting Beyond Meat on Our Original Recommendation - Instructions

McDonald’s is Giving You a Second Chance to Short Beyond Meat (BYND) shares! ~more~

#040: 09/25/2019

Beyond Meats (Nasdaq-BYND) Takes a Nosedive as Expected!

Here is what we recommend doing immediately! ~more~

#039: 07/26/2019

It's Becoming Clear to Us that the Federal Reserve is no Longer an Independent Entity

Gold refuses to consolidate under $1,400. The Federal Reserve is going to ignite a big rally in gold. Here’s our updated recommendation on gold. ~more~

#038: 07/01/2019

Set the following standing Buy orders for these two bullish Gold ETFs

Let’s be positioned to take advantage of this consolidation in the Midas metal ~more~

#037: 06/21/2019

Take Profits Now!


#036: 06/18/2019

Gold is in Rally Mode!

We believe gold is heading to $1,400 an ounce by the end of this year thanks to Federal Reserve Policy. ~more~

#035: 05/21/2019

Frélii, Inc. Not being completely honest about our promotion and recommendation about their company!

My fellow editor and I were shocked at the May 14, 2019 company press release claiming no knowledge about our compensated World Opportunity Investor subscription investment relations promotion featuring our recommendation of Frélii (OTC-FRLI). ~more~

#034: 05/01/2019

Updates On Our Favorite Chinese Recommended Positions: BZUN, MOMO, YY

If Trump settles his trade war with China, this company’s shares will surge dramatically higher. ~more~

#033: 04/23/2019

Take Your Profits Now On Our Short


#032: 04/09/2019

Chart Updates On A Few Of Our Recommended WOI Positions: BZUN, BABA, MOMO, YY

We may be only a few weeks away from the Trump Administration announcing it has come to a deal with the Chinese to end the trade war. These are the recommendations in our portfolio that should take off on the news. Their charts are already showing their BUYS. ~more~

#031: 01/14/2019

Hold on to this recommended short recommendation!

This Biotech is trading for $15.50 a share today, we believe its heading to $10 or less this year. We shorted it at $17.64. ~more~

#030: 12/19/2018

17% Profit Notched!

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#029: 12/18/2018

Take Profits On Your Short Position (SPXS) Now!

Get ready to jump back in on a new short position. The rally today may extend another 500-600 points in the next two weeks BUT it's still likely to test a much lower level of support. The danger has not passed. ~more~

#028: 12/04/2018

Wall Street Meltdown Resumes Following Yesterday's Big Rally

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan both warn the 90 pause in the U.S. China trade war won’t last. No substance, no concessions. Meanwhile, strong indications of a recession are building and a rash of Mueller indictments getting set to hammer sentiment. ~more~

#027: 12/02/2018

Close Your SPXS Position Immediaetly

The 90 Day Truce China Trade War Could Send the S&P Back To Its Highs! ~more~

#026: 11/07/2018

Raise your entry price for our recommendation on MOMO Inc. (NASDAQGS: MOMO)

We love the upside on this company once China and Trump work out a trade deal. Once that happens many amazing cutting edge Chinese stocks will take off like a rocket. ~more~

#025: 10/30/2018

Time to short the S&P Again!

Forget President Trump assurances that his trade wars with the rest of the world won’t hurt the U.S. economy and Wall Street. It's getting ugly! ~more~

#024: 10/18/2018

Booking Some Winning Trades

• Recommending New Covered Call Options • Recommendation of 200 Shares of this dirt cheap China company! • Update on PTE short: Fraud Alert $6 Downside Target ~more~

#023: 10/11/2018

Wall Street Takes A Nose Dive!

Grab your profits on these two trade recommendations! ~more~

#022: 09/12/2018

Close Your Position PolarityTE, Inc. (COOL) Immediately!

Consider shorting COOL to ride it down to $4 a share to recoup any loss and to grab some nice profits going forward as the stock heads lower as the scandal taking hold on its principals and investors becomes clearer. ~more~

#021: 08/30/2018

The Danger of a "Black Swan Event" is growing – from valuations to technical patterns the U.S. Major Indexes look ripe for a huge correction. Be careful!

Tom McClellan,the editor of The McClellan Market Report is warning of a really rough three months ahead in the financial markets. We agree and are concerned that a “Black Swan Event” in the financial markets is approaching that could knock 15% off the major U.S. Stock Indexes. ~more~

#020: 07/06/2018

Jump Back In and Buy 400 Shares of this Revolutionary Regenerative Medical Company!

This amazing company could wind up being a 400% to 500% winner in the next 12-24 months. It's breakthrough approach to regenerative medicine could be the beginning of a revolution in medicine. ~more~

#019: 06/12/2018

Our Recommendation BZUN Up 87%!

Here's how to we recommend you improve your chances of locking in even more profits on this WOI recommendation. ~more~

#018: 06/03/2018

Lilly In Rally Mode into Mid July Earnings

If you're not averse to a speculative investment using options on equities to leverage profits. Here is an options strategy on LLY that could deliver a nice chunk of change - more than 140% win - in the next 45 days. ~more~

#017: 03/26/2018

Sell Your Remaining RDUS Calls Immediatly!

Take a break even trade on the remaining 3 RDUS April Options! ~more~

#016: 02/08/2018

Take Profits on WYNN $165 June Options Recommended on

We'll jump back in on the long side as soon as WYNN dips back to ... ~more~

#015: 01/29/2018

The Feathers Are Flying!

WYNN is a Screaming Buy! Buy these in the Money Call Options and leverage the inevitable bounce back into some juicy profits! ~more~

#014: 01/21/2018

RDUS Breaking out and our April $30 Call Options are now up over 100%!

Time to jump in on this small Wall Street financial! It's trading for $1.4 billion discount! This is your chance to turn $3,000 into as much as $20,800! ~more~

#013: 01/18/2018

Covered Call Options brought in $800!

Looking to add to our position in ths company on a pullback. ~more~

#012: 01/14/2018

YY shares leap - as I predicted! Sell these February 16 $145 Call Options against every 100 shares you own! Renew Your subscription

Here's what to do -- Sell these February 16 $145 Call Options against every 100 shares you own! Also its time to renew your subscription! Don't miss a single recommendation in 2018! ~more~

#011: 01/06/2018

Happy New Year!

We finished 2017 with a net gain of 40%! My first Trade Recommendations of 2018 are designed to deliver profits of 35% to 50% this year! ~more~

#010: 11/19/2017

YY Reports Blowout Quarter!

RDUS stops out. How to turn the loss in RDUS into a huge profit using in the money calls. PLUS: Change of recommendation on BLUE. ~more~

#009: 10/03/2017


These Stocks Are Heading 50% Higher SOON! ~more~

#008: 08/28/2017

Here we go again! Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio to Lower Your Cost Basis!

If BLUE rallies over $115 by September 15, 2017 you’ll still net a 27% profit on your $8,900 net investment in about 39 days. That’s about a $2,600 profit on every 100 shares you purchased on my recommendation. Not bad for a $49 a year newsletter. ~more~

#007: 08/21/2017

Take a $3,930 Profit!

Take Two Small Losses That Amount to $410. Set up for a bigger wins in one of them, stand aside on the other until I signal to jump back in. ~more~

#006: 06/05/2017

Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio

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#005: 04/29/2017

New Buy Recommendation: Grab Your Shares On Monday!

BUY 300 Shares BioTech for $42 or less a share... 12-18 month price target $70 a share which gives you upside as much 65% to 75% in the next 12-18 months. The firm is a solid Buyout Candidate after FDA approval of its first drug! ~more~

#004: 04/09/2017

We were stopped out of both our PNAT and NAK positions thanks to our strict 20% stop loss rule.

We also took a 32.78% on BLUE via our covered call options recommendation. Here's what I recommend to do now. ~more~

#003: 02/13/2017

How to Play This Down Move in Pura Naturals, Inc.

Be smart, agile and savvy when buying or selling a stock you believe has long term potential. ~more~

#002: 02/13/2017

Sell Call Options Against Your Shares of BlueBird Bio to Lower Your Cost Basis or Net up to 34%!

This recommendation is only for subscribers that own 100 or more shares of BLUE. ~more~

#001: 01/21/2017

President Trump's Administration Could Lift Mining Restrictions on One of the Biggest Undeveloped Gold Mines in the World.

If Trump's EPA removes the environmental restrictions blocking this mines development this companies shares could soar 300% to 800% as gold and copper rise in price over the next 4 years! ~more~