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Editor Advisory

#010: 02/02/2022

$1,880 in Profits Realized!

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#009: 12/21/2021

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#008: 12/20/2021

$11,522 in NEW Options Expiration Generate Profits

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#007: 09/13/2021

Profits Taken This Past Friday

An 8 Day 31% Profit on S&P PUT Options Taken! ~more~

#006: 08/31/2021

$68,436 Profits Taken Last Friday!!!

Whopping $78,236 Total Profits Realized for August 2021!!! ~more~

#005: 06/04/2021

Instructions for your BlackBerry Open Position

We are placing a resting sell order to cash out of your shares if the madness taking place pushes the stock back up to nose-bleed levels. ~more~

#004: 05/05/2021

Take Another $958

Take Profits on Short Position Recommended We Made Just 22 Days Ago! ~more~

#003: 04/23/2021

Take More Than $1,000 in Profits on Short Position Recommended Just 10 Days Ago!

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#002: 02/22/2020

Take Your Profits Now!

Profits Totaling $12,850 Pour in on Last Friday’s Options Expiration ~more~

#001: 01/24/2020

We Recommended Taking Profits of as Much as $4,707.00 on CRSP on January 2, 2019

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