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Latest Editor Advisory

#002: 02/22/2020

Take Your Profits Now!

Profits Totaling $12,850 Pour in on Last Friday’s Options Expiration ~more~

#001: 01/24/2020

We Recommended Taking Profits of as Much as $4,707.00 on CRSP on January 2, 2019

Our Erlanger Signals working! ~more~

Latest Issues

#056: 04/05/2021

Are We Looking at the Beginning of What Will Become Known as the Roaring 2020s

Our 2021 April Market Outlook ~more~

#055: 02/02/2021

China's Economy Will Become the Largest in the World in the Next 5 Years

Time to prepare your stock portfolio for the explosive economic growth China will enjoy! ~more~

#054: 01/28/2021

Our 2021 Stock Market Outlook

One of the main reasons why this market has been strong is because once prices break to new highs, most of the resistance and supply is gone, and it will be easy for prices to continue to make new highs. ~more~

#053: 01/08/2021

The U.S. Economy Remains in Great Danger!

The economy was clearly starting to recover, but the improvement is running into headwinds due to the 3rd wave of Covid-19 infections that started and could worsen as we enter the cold and flu season. ~more~

Latest Alerts

#137: 02/18/2021

New Recommendation Next Breakout Mobile Satellite Company

We believe this groundbreaking position will enjoy exponential growth in revenues and bottom line profits. ~more~

#136: 02/17/2021

Time to Jump Into these Three Genomic Stocks!

Gene editing and the rise of quantum and artificial intelligence computing will make the impossible possible. ~more~

#135: 02/16/2021

Eli Lilly Has Really Nice Upside Potential: Let's Jump Back In!

We recommend adding 200 Shares of Eli Lilly and Company (LLY- NYSE) to your portfolio for a 30% to 150% gain in the next 24 months. Dear Subscribers, ~more~

Latest Updates

#024: 07/28/2020

Our Pfizer Recommendation is Up Sharply

Sit tight and look to take profits if it runs to $50 a share! ~more~

#023: 06/05/2020

The 2.5 Million Job Increase Reported is a Lie!

In the fine print of the same report by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the summary report shows the real number of job losses through the May reporting period - is really a job loss of 4.9 million jobs. ~more~

#022: 05/09/2020

The Coronavirus is NOT Going to Miraculously Disappear. The Economic Prognosis is Chilling.

Many labor experts believe the last decade of job growth has already been amputated from the economy. ~more~

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