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#002: 02/22/2020

Take Your Profits Now!

Profits Totaling $12,850 Pour in on Last Friday’s Options Expiration ~more~

#001: 01/24/2020

We Recommended Taking Profits of as Much as $4,707,00 on CRSP on January 2, 2019

Our Erlanger Signals working! ~more~

Latest Issues

#044: 03/05/2020

The Current Economic Outlook: Tied to Whether President Trump is Telling the Truth

His Record for Telling the Truth Remains, Unfortunately -- Dismal ~more~

#043: 02/04/2020

World Opportunity Investor 2020 Market Outlook

Our 2020 outlook includes bullish and bearish case for the markets; valuations, price targets; technicals and price analysis; and the psychology, sentiment and focus of the markets; summary and conclusion. ~more~

#042: 01/03/2020

Our 2020 Economic Outlook

Take your profits on our recommended gold 3X ETF position. ~more~

#041: 11/26/2019

This Overvalued Market Just Broke Out to New Highs!

With a whopping $3.4 Trillion still sitting on the sidelines in cash are we headed for a spectacular new leg up, or towards a ‘black swan’ nose dive? ~more~

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#103: 03/27/2020

Add Additional 1000 shares NUGT to your gold stocks ETF position

Gold is going to explode in price as the Congress votes for a serious of a bailout over the next few months. ~more~

#102: 03/26/2020

Sell These Covered Calls Against Existing Positions

We’re concerned we’re about to get news in the next 72 hours that will send stock markets around the world much lower! ~more~

#101: 03/26/2020

BUY 1000 Shares of SPXS at Market Price Now

Maintain Buy Recommendation on our current pending position for 1500 shares of SPXS ~more~

Latest Updates

#018: 03/15/2020

Don't be taken in by the big rally that took place on Wall Street Friday!

The truth is we’re still not over the worse of this pandemic in the United States. We’re not even over the very beginning of this pandemic ~more~

#017: 03/13/2020

Sorry, We Believe the Worst is Yet to Come

From Wall Street to Main Street, it’s Going to Get A lot Uglier! ~more~

#016: 02/26/2020

Our Recommendation to Buy AMAT at $59 was Triggered before Yesterday's Close

Prepare for another TVIX trade recommendation ~more~

Latest Special Reports


The Next Disney: Why Liquid Media Group is Poised to Take Over Hollywood and Make Investors Rich

Stunning New Advances Turning the Video Game Industry Upside-Down ~more~


Live to 150 and Grow Filthy Rich along the Way

Immunotherapy that attacks cancer is finally paying off, so now it’s time for biotech’s next huge leap. ~more~


3 Companies on the Verge of Curing Cancer that could be Commercialized in the Next 48 Months

Get ready for some incredible breakthroughs in medicine and science that will change the world we live in for the better. ~more~


Best Investment You Could Ever Make for Your Grandkids

BABA is one of the few stocks we see one the market with a possible 25 to 1 return on investment. ~more~


Two Forgotten Technology Stocks About to Double in Price in the Next 24-36 Months

Acceleration of Technologies Will Double These Two Iconic Technology Stocks. ~more~