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#010: 02/02/2022

$1,880 in Profits Realized!

This Amounts to a 111% Profit on our Recommended March 18, 2022 Call Options ~more~

#009: 12/21/2021

An Additional $4,695 in Profits to Report This Past Friday!

See Our Christmas Subscription Renewal/Extension Offer! ~more~

#008: 12/20/2021

$11,522 in NEW Options Expiration Generate Profits

Plus, New Recommendations ~more~

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#082: 07/31/2023

We Believe this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company Will Soar 500% in the Next 18-36 Months!

Is Vladimir Putin fully aware of the significant geopolitical influence wielded by African nations within the United Nations, particularly in relation to their voting power and its potential impact on the eventual peace process in Ukraine? ~more~

#081: 07/24/2023

Our NVIDIA Recommendations Yield Staggering $51,701 in Profits

Profits and Recommendations are Growing!. Ensure that your World Opportunity Investor subscription remains current in order to stay informed. ~more~

#080: 05/31/2023

Does Nvidia Take the Money... Or Wait to For Even Bigger Move Higher?

What to do with the 300 Nvidia shares we recommended. ~more~

#079: 05/01/2023

We were stopped out on Lilly with a 37% profit of $11,065

The Approaching Debt Ceiling Crises May Come Down to Emergency Executive Action by President Biden ~more~

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#218: 09/12/2023

Follow Up Recommendation on our 2000 Share Position in Transocean Ltd.(NYSE – RIG)

Sell These 20 Call Options Against the 2000 Shares of Transocean Ltd. (NYSE – RIG) that I Recommended in March and April 2022 ~more~

#217: 08/27/2023

Another $3,331 of Profits Taken in Our LLY and Nividia Recommended Trades - on Top of $55,032 Enjoyed in July.*

(Here are Two New Trade Recommendations for Monday Morning) ~more~

#216: 08/17/2023

Revolutionizing the $22 Billion Multiple Sclerosis Drug Treatment Market

FSD Pharma, a biotech company at the forefront of the cutting-edge creation UNBUZZED™, a rapid alcohol detoxification drink, has been granted the privilege to present its groundbreaking Phase 1 data on Lucid-MS at the prestigious MSMilan 2023 – 9th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting. ~more~

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#043: 06/01/2023

RYSE UPDATE! The Next Big Smart Home and Office Innovation That Could Easily Surpass Ring and Nest!

The Next Big Thing Is Now Upon Us! Get in on the Ground Floor of RYSE with its Pre-IPO Reg A+ Offering... Before Amazon or Google Decide to Buy This Company, Outright! ~more~

#042: 05/10/2023

The Final Debt Ceiling Crises?

Democratic members of Congress and legal scholars call on President Biden to invoke the 14th Amendment to prevent the United States from defaulting on its debt. Our prediction may be the only solution. ~more~

#041: 09/15/2022

By 2025, the Global Cannabis Industry is Expected to Reach $56 Billion

This incredible medical cannabis startup promises to assist those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by researching, developing, and producing targeted cannabinoid health products for General Depression, Anxiety and PTSD ~more~

Latest Special Reports


Revolutionary Treatment for One of Humanity's Most Insidious Inflictions

A BioPharma Company with Zero Net Debt Hiding in "Plain Sight" is Pushing the Boundaries of Life Science to Solve Alcohol Afflictions in Society. ~more~


Special Report: The Billion-Dollar Solution to a Trillion-Dollar Crisis

Technology that is already transforming the world... Food waste has emerged as a critical global challenge, given its detrimental impact on the environment and the economy. ~more~


The company's innovative cell and gene-based cancer treatment technology reprograms T-cells to target and destroy solid tumor cancer cells.

The financial upside for investors in developing a therapy that teaches the human immune system to kill solid tumor cancer cells using CAR-T Cell Therapy amounts to US$1.96 Billion market annually ~more~


The Next Big Smart Home and Office Innovation That Could Easily Surpass Ring and Nest!

Get in on the Ground Floor of RYSE with its Pre-IPO Reg A+ Offering Before Amazon or Google Decide to Buy This Company, Outright! ~more~


Smart Gold Investment: Profits Regardless of Market Conditions

Follow-Up Madre Tierra is a gold company with not only excellent mining properties in Colombia but also a gold buying business that buys gold from independent gold miners. They profit regardless of the fluctuations in the global gold market price. ~more~