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#027: 11/07/2018

Post 2018 Mid-Term Election Market Issue November 2018

How to fix our country so it prospers grows and puts an end to the deep division we have seen the past 17 years. ~more~

#026: 11/01/2018

Three Companies Pioneering Gene-Editing Medical Treatments That Could Revolutionize Medicine!

All three of these companies are on the cusp of simply stunning revolutionary Medical breakthroughs ~more~

#025: 10/02/2018

Market Analysis October 2018 Are We Heading Towards A Breakout Rally or Devastating Panic Sell Off?

The best stock to buy to profit on the rise of artificial intelligence... it has 50% upside potential in the next 6 months! ~more~

#024: 08/31/2018

U.S. Stock Indexes At Record Highs Ignoring The Many Dangers!

Despite the record highs being reached in the S&P and NASDAQ, the danger isn’t on the upside; the danger to investors is all on the downside right now. Our initial leg in on the short side is down at this time, but we expect a huge correction ahead. ~more~

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#026: 11/07/2018

Raise your entry price for our recommendation on MOMO Inc. (NASDAQGS: MOMO)

We love the upside on this company once China and Trump work out a trade deal. Once that happens many amazing cutting edge Chinese stocks will take off like a rocket. ~more~

#025: 10/30/2018

Time to short the S&P Again!

Forget President Trump assurances that his trade wars with the rest of the world won’t hurt the U.S. economy and Wall Street. It's getting ugly! ~more~

#024: 10/18/2018

Booking Some Winning Trades

• Recommending New Covered Call Options • Recommendation of 200 Shares of this dirt cheap China company! • Update on PTE short: Fraud Alert $6 Downside Target ~more~

Latest Updates

#009: 10/26/2018

Wall Street Swinging Wildly

What’s Our Next Big Move? ~more~

#008: 06/24/2018

A Whopping 519% Profit!

This recommendation racked up a profit of as much as $3,690 on approximately a $710 investment - on just half the shares we recommended. How could anything be more delicious! ~more~

#008: 06/21/2018

This Recommendation Has Already Jumped 77% - In Less Than 6 months!

This company's share double and redouble - a few times. Here’s what we recommend doing with your 400 shares or what to do if you don't own shares yet. ~more~

Latest Special Reports

[Special Report #017]


Live to 150 and Grow Filthy Rich along the Way

THe Holy Grail of Aging ~more~

[Special Report #016]


Three Companies Pioneering Gene-Editing Medical Treatments That Could Revolutionize Medicine!

All Three Companies on the Cusp of Simply Stunning Medical Breakthroughs ~more~


RED ALERT! Danger Growing, for a 10% to 15% Correction in the U.S. Stock Market.

A landslide of "Trump Troubles" could hit the world's financial markets in the days and weeks ahead including ... those precipitated by the escalating worldwide trade war, U.S. government shutdown, criminal indictments, Administration and family scandals. Make no mistake this is an opportunity to generate some nice profits on the downside, while setting you up for another round of upside profits! ~more~

[Special Report #014]


2018's Pot Stock Surprise Could Make You A Fortune

The One Cannabis Stock Immune from the New Federal War on Legal Marijuana ~more~

[Special Report #013]


NAKD now has the Marketing Muscle to Make a Distinctive Mark in the Fashion World

How to Profit From a Fashion Merger Bonanza ~more~