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#032: 03/10/2019

Get Ready For A Wild 2019 Our Annual Market Outlook

2019 Will be even more volatile than 2018. Expect huge swings in the market and yet most U.S. equity markets to wind up finishing 2019, very close to where they finished last year. ~more~

#031: 02/10/2019

2019 Economic Outlook: President Trump's Trade Wars, Government Shutdowns And Rising Global Risks Are Going To Continue To Hurt Global and US Growth.

In this issue we’ll go over the forecasts, estimates, risks 2019 outlooks from Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Capital Group and my analysis of economic, business, and investment trends. Some of the forecasts below are from WSJ surveys of over 60 economists from Wall Street, academia, and corporate America. ~more~

#030: 01/08/2019

2019 1st Quarter Economic Outlook

A completely non-emotional, quantative look at the first quarter of the New Year ~more~

#029: 01/02/2019

As President Trump's Troubles Worsen The CBOE VIX Will Soar

Here’s an admittedly very high risk, high reward trade designed to cash in on the volatility driven by the Trump related chaos we see ahead. This trade could potentially turn every $1,800 into as much as $106,000 by March 19, 2019. Even more exciting, if this recommendation works you will have an opportunity to turn half of your windfall, $53,000 of the $106,000 into as much as $1.4 million by June 21, 2019. ~more~

Latest Alerts

#031: 01/14/2019

Hold on to this recommended short recommendation!

This Biotech is trading for $15.50 a share today, we believe its heading to $10 or less this year. We shorted it at $17.64. ~more~

#030: 12/19/2018

17% Profit Notched!

Get set up for another nice profit by buying this short position again during the next doomed rally. ~more~

#029: 12/18/2018

Take Profits On Your Short Position (SPXS) Now!

Get ready to jump back in on a new short position. The rally today may extend another 500-600 points in the next two weeks BUT it's still likely to test a much lower level of support. The danger has not passed. ~more~

Latest Updates

#010: 01/07/2019

Saudi Arabia Intends To Cut Oil Production More Dramatically Than Previously Announced

Our recommendation to take advantage of a run back to $70 - $80 a barrel is starting to take off. ~more~

#009: 10/26/2018

Wall Street Swinging Wildly

What’s Our Next Big Move? ~more~

#008: 06/24/2018

A Whopping 519% Profit!

This recommendation racked up a profit of as much as $3,690 on approximately a $710 investment - on just half the shares we recommended. How could anything be more delicious! ~more~

Latest Special Reports

[Special Report #019]


In the Age of Precision Genomics, Frelii Could be the Investment of a Lifetime

Extraordinary new technology could revolutionize the healthcare industry and make conventional prescription drugs practically obsolete. ~more~


The Best Time to Invest, Buy Stocks/Markets

In other words – BUY LOW, when the market is undervalued. Here’s how to pin down when market has bottomed. ~more~

[Special Report #017]


Live to 150 and Grow Filthy Rich along the Way

THe Holy Grail of Aging ~more~

[Special Report #016]


Three Companies Pioneering Gene-Editing Medical Treatments That Could Revolutionize Medicine!

All Three Companies on the Cusp of Simply Stunning Medical Breakthroughs ~more~


RED ALERT! Danger Growing, for a 10% to 15% Correction in the U.S. Stock Market.

A landslide of "Trump Troubles" could hit the world's financial markets in the days and weeks ahead including ... those precipitated by the escalating worldwide trade war, U.S. government shutdown, criminal indictments, Administration and family scandals. Make no mistake this is an opportunity to generate some nice profits on the downside, while setting you up for another round of upside profits! ~more~