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#010: 02/02/2022

$1,880 in Profits Realized!

This Amounts to a 111% Profit on our Recommended March 18, 2022 Call Options ~more~

#009: 12/21/2021

An Additional $4,695 in Profits to Report This Past Friday!

See Our Christmas Subscription Renewal/Extension Offer! ~more~

#008: 12/20/2021

$11,522 in NEW Options Expiration Generate Profits

Plus, New Recommendations ~more~

Latest Issues

#069: 07/06/2022

The Best Time to Invest: A Bear Market Bottom/Basing Period

We are Now 7-8 Months to the Beginning of a New Bull Market. New SCO Recommendation. ~more~

#068: 06/15/2022

Stock Market Enters Bear Market!

How can we find hope amidst all this gloom? Once we find a bottom and prices start to base, there should be some great investment opportunities as there always is near the bottom of a bear market. Keep a tight eye on our recommendations. ~more~

#067: 05/09/2022

The Risk of $150 a Barrel Crude Oil is Real

What Are the Potential Solutions? ~more~

#066: 03/16/2022

How Much Oil Does the U.S. Have and How Long Will It Last?

A NEW OIL RECOMMENDATION - Should We "Drill Baby Drill" or Invest in Finding Energy Alternatives? ~more~

Latest Alerts

#208: 07/11/2022

Elon Musk's Jilting Twitter Sets of Insane Rally in DWAC Creating a New Shorting Opportunity

According to several stock analysts, Twitter could be worth as little as $11 a share without Musk's buyout. ~more~

#207: 05/23/2022

With Uncertainty Looming Let's Take Profits

If Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Suddenly Ends, the World Price of Oil and Natural Gas Will Plummet!!! Take Approximately $4,033 in Total Profits ~more~

#206: 05/20/2022


Option Expiration This Week Delivers $35,227 in Profitable Trade Recommendations! ~more~

Latest Updates

#038: 05/27/2022

Broadcom to Acquire VMware in $61 Billion Enterprise Computing Deal

"Go-Shop" Time is Built into the Agreement. Let's see if IBM and Intel are willing to make an offer! ~more~

#037: 02/17/2022

Pioneer Natural Resources Beats Expected Earnings - Declares a Dividend

If Russia invades Ukraine, oil will top its historic record market price. ~more~

#036: 11/22/2021

Jerome Powell's Reappointment as Fed Chief Bullish for Stocks

President Joe Biden’s renomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for a second term and nomination for Lael Brainard as Vice Chairwoman should be welcome news for stock market bulls. ~more~

Latest Special Reports


Smart Gold Investment: Profits Regardless of Market Conditions

Follow-Up Madre Tierra is a gold company with not only excellent mining properties in Colombia but also a gold buying business that buys gold from independent gold miners. They profit regardless of the fluctuations in the global gold market price. ~more~


Ground-Floor Gold Co. Positioned to Profit from Gold Mining in Columbia

Recommendation: At 50 cents a share, I believe this stock could rise 500% to 1000% in the next 24-36 months! ~more~


Core One Labs: Early Investment In A Huge Healthcare Revolution

Core One Labs could claim a unique marketplace advantage at the perfect time -- as psilocybin looks set to pass clinical trials worldwide and become an approved medicine. ~more~


Amazing Metal Triple Play

Century-Old Gold, Silver, and Copper Treasure Lost in a Remote Nevada Ghost Mine ... And Investors Can Now Stake Their Claim on This Rare Triple Play ~more~


The Investor's Ultimate Double Play: How ONE Company Is Disrupting TWO Industries for Double the Profits

Get in on the ground floor of what could be one of the biggest international online sports and gaming casinos in the world. ~more~