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#039: 10/01/2019

Will President Trump's Impeachment Turn Financial Markets Upside Down?

We are beginning this month’s issue with the 900-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of every investor’s consciousness. ~more~

#038: 09/10/2019

Our Short Recommendation is going to Payoff Big Time for Subscribers

Is the U.S. Economy Booming or Ready For a Swan Song? ~more~

#037: 08/09/2019

Trump's China Trade War Ignites Global Currency War Gold Soars Over $1,500

We can’t help but think of the character in movie Rocky III played by Mr. T ‘Clubber Lang’ when we look forward at the financial, bond and commodity markets and Trump’s trade and currency war with China, during the next couple of months, and perhaps through all the way through the end of the year. ~more~

#036: 07/09/2019

Are The New Record Highs In The U.S. Stock Market A New Buy Signal Or A Sell Signal?

The rally in U.S. Stocks has been driven by the belief the U.S. and China will reach a trade deal and the Federal Reserve will lower rates. ~more~

Latest Alerts

#043: 10/10/2019

Sell These Call Options Against These Open Recommended Stock Positions

Strategy to lower the average cost of your shares ~more~

#042: 09/27/2019

SHOCKER! President Trump Reportedly Considering Delisting Chinese Stocks!

Make no mistake this would set in motion a stock market crash that could rival the 2008-2009 nosedives! ~more~

#041: 09/26/2019

If You Missed Shorting Beyond Meat on Our Original Recommendation - Instructions

McDonald’s is Giving You a Second Chance to Short Beyond Meat (BYND) shares! ~more~

Latest Updates

#012: 05/01/2019

Frelii (FRLI) Artificial Intelligence News

Frelii Discusses Medical Cannabis and Artificial Intelligence with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ~more~

#011: 04/12/2019

2-Year Yield and Fed Funds Finally in Balance Setting Up A Goldilocks Nirvanna

Special Update from one of my favorite technical analysts Tom McClellan give cause for a goldilocks U.S. market when most analysts are very worried ... ~more~

#010: 01/07/2019

Saudi Arabia Intends To Cut Oil Production More Dramatically Than Previously Announced

Our recommendation to take advantage of a run back to $70 - $80 a barrel is starting to take off. ~more~

Latest Special Reports

[Special Report #019]


UPDATE - In the Age of Precision Genomics, Frelii Could be the Investment of a Lifetime


[Special Report #018]


The Best Time to Invest, Buy Stocks/Markets

In other words – BUY LOW, when the market is undervalued. Here’s how to pin down when market has bottomed. ~more~

[Special Report #017]


Live to 150 and Grow Filthy Rich along the Way

THe Holy Grail of Aging ~more~

[Special Report #016]


Three Companies Pioneering Gene-Editing Medical Treatments That Could Revolutionize Medicine!

All Three Companies on the Cusp of Simply Stunning Medical Breakthroughs ~more~


RED ALERT! Danger Growing, for a 10% to 15% Correction in the U.S. Stock Market.

A landslide of "Trump Troubles" could hit the world's financial markets in the days and weeks ahead including ... those precipitated by the escalating worldwide trade war, U.S. government shutdown, criminal indictments, Administration and family scandals. Make no mistake this is an opportunity to generate some nice profits on the downside, while setting you up for another round of upside profits! ~more~