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Latest Editor Advisory

#007: 09/13/2021

Profits Taken This Past Friday

An 8 Day 31% Profit on S&P PUT Options Taken! ~more~

#006: 08/31/2021

$68,436 Profits Taken Last Friday!!!

Whopping $78,236 Total Profits Realized for August 2021!!! ~more~

#005: 06/04/2021

Instructions for your BlackBerry Open Position

We are placing a resting sell order to cash out of your shares if the madness taking place pushes the stock back up to nose-bleed levels. ~more~

Latest Issues

#062: 10/28/2021

Early November Issue Release

End of 2021 Market Outlook ~more~

#061: 10/01/2021

U.S. Economy is Slowing Down

Our worries about the US economy increase. The economy appears to be weakening after months of expansion. Despite millions of openings and a labor shortage, people are not returning to work. ~more~

#060: 08/26/2021

Beware of FANG Stocks!

The FANG trade is very crowded and expensive. The problems could include increased risk, liquidity if investors get out simultaneously, and reduced performance going forward. ~more~

#059: 07/06/2021

It's Time to Recognize We Are in a Long Term Bull Market

Three New Recommendations in this Issue ~more~

Latest Alerts

#165: 12/02/2021

RED ALERT: We May Be on the Verge of a Serious Stock Market Correction

Between the prospect of a more aggressive tapering by the Federal Reserve and the danger of New Omicron Strain of Covid-19, we may be approaching a 10% correction in the Dow Jones and S&P Indexes. ~more~

#164: 11/29/2021

It's time to take your PROFIT ONCE AGAIN

New Prologis Option Recommendation ~more~

#163: 11/23/2021

New Sea Limited Recommendation

Our Best Black Friday Offer Accompanies This Alert - Don't Miss a Recommendation or Closing Position. Thousands of Dollars are on the Line! ~more~

Latest Updates

#036: 11/22/2021

Jerome Powell's Reappointment as Fed Chief Bullish for Stocks

President Joe Biden’s renomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for a second term and nomination for Lael Brainard as Vice Chairwoman should be welcome news for stock market bulls. ~more~

#035: 11/16/2021

DarioHealth Reports Spectacular 3rd Quarter Results

Growth and Operational Highlights - New Recommendation ~more~

#034: 11/08/2021

New Recommendation

Our Recommendation of VMW Looks Like a Turkey Right Now, BUT it isn't. It's Going to Turn Into a High Flying Majestic Eagle. ~more~

Latest Special Reports


Core One Labs: Early Investment In A Huge Healthcare Revolution

Core One Labs could claim a unique marketplace advantage at the perfect time -- as psilocybin looks set to pass clinical trials worldwide and become an approved medicine. ~more~


Amazing Metal Triple Play

Century-Old Gold, Silver, and Copper Treasure Lost in a Remote Nevada Ghost Mine ... And Investors Can Now Stake Their Claim on This Rare Triple Play ~more~


The Investor's Ultimate Double Play: How ONE Company Is Disrupting TWO Industries for Double the Profits

Get in on the ground floor of what could be one of the biggest international online sports and gaming casinos in the world. ~more~


How to Cash in on the CBD Revolution

Why Flora Growth Could Be This Booming Industry's Next Big Winner ~more~


How To Potentially Turn $5,000 into $500,000 in the Next 36 Months!

Marijuana Heading Towards Federal Legalization: 2021. How to Capitalize! ~more~