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#010: 02/02/2022

$1,880 in Profits Realized!

This Amounts to a 111% Profit on our Recommended March 18, 2022 Call Options ~more~

#009: 12/21/2021

An Additional $4,695 in Profits to Report This Past Friday!

See Our Christmas Subscription Renewal/Extension Offer! ~more~

#008: 12/20/2021

$11,522 in NEW Options Expiration Generate Profits

Plus, New Recommendations ~more~

Latest Issues

#077: 03/08/2023

World Opportunity Investor Issue March 7, 2023

World Opportunity Investor 2023 Economic Outlook ~more~

#076: 01/17/2023

2023 Market Outlook

Our Economic Outlook for 2023 will be released at the end of the month. We've already studied and examined several 2023 economic forecasts from the greatest market strategists in the United States, many of whom expect a recession. ~more~

#075: 12/26/2022

What Every Investor Should Know Entering 2023

Long-term readers know that we like to examine the economy's fundamentals for growth, inflation, interest rates, etc. We may then explore the company's fundamentals and predict growth rates, margins, liquidity, profits, cash flow, and values... ~more~

#074: 12/22/2022

Oil Consumption Will Plummet

The world is heading into an economic recession as China's Omicron Covid-19 variant spreads like wildfire. Supply chains will be severely disrupted largely because China's leaders refuse to use the Covid-19 vaccines developed in the United States and most of the world. ~more~

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#214: 03/15/2023

Take Profits of over $2,195

Close 400 shares of ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg. Crude Oil NYSEArca: SCO ~more~

#213: 02/16/2023

Take Profits of over $890 on this Covered Call

A follow-up Covered Call recommendation for those who own 100 shares of LLY - a resting buy recommendation for those who don’t own LLY and an update on DWAC ~more~

#212: 01/18/2023

New LLY Call Option Recommendation

We are executing a LLY covered call ~more~

Latest Updates

#041: 09/15/2022

By 2025, the Global Cannabis Industry is Expected to Reach $56 Billion

This incredible medical cannabis startup promises to assist those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by researching, developing, and producing targeted cannabinoid health products for General Depression, Anxiety and PTSD ~more~

#040: 09/13/2022

California Just Laid Down the EV Gauntlet

Beginning in 2035, no new gas-powered vehicles will be sold in the state! ~more~

#039: 08/16/2022

Introducing Republic Deal Room

A Private Investment Network - Unlocking Deals for Accredited Investors ~more~

Latest Special Reports


The company's innovative cell and gene-based cancer treatment technology reprograms T-cells to target and destroy solid tumor cancer cells.

The financial upside for investors in developing a therapy that teaches the human immune system to kill solid tumor cancer cells using CAR-T Cell Therapy amounts to US$1.96 Billion market annually ~more~


The Next Big Smart Home and Office Innovation That Could Easily Surpass Ring and Nest!

Get in on the Ground Floor of RYSE with its Pre-IPO Reg A+ Offering Before Amazon or Google Decide to Buy This Company, Outright! ~more~


Smart Gold Investment: Profits Regardless of Market Conditions

Follow-Up Madre Tierra is a gold company with not only excellent mining properties in Colombia but also a gold buying business that buys gold from independent gold miners. They profit regardless of the fluctuations in the global gold market price. ~more~


Ground-Floor Gold Co. Positioned to Profit from Gold Mining in Columbia

Recommendation: At 50 cents a share, I believe this stock could rise 500% to 1000% in the next 24-36 months! ~more~


Core One Labs: Early Investment In A Huge Healthcare Revolution

Core One Labs could claim a unique marketplace advantage at the perfect time -- as psilocybin looks set to pass clinical trials worldwide and become an approved medicine. ~more~